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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Great Eater

Great Eater is one of the reasonably priced Cze Char places to go in Jurong if you want to enjoy a good consistency of crab dishes. Previously known as Big Eater, they are known for serving a tantalizing collection of dishes suitable for large groups and family gatherings.

Starting our meal with the meat dishes, we decided to order the small portion of pork ribs to the usual Gu Ro Yok (Sweet & Sour Pork). These ribs came in slab serving and were soft and coated evenly with soury and sweet sauce too.

Pork Ribs - $10
It seems like the dishes we ordered have a kind of similarity and that is the gravy is gluey. The Bai-Ling mushroom was decked up by the bright green stewed broccoli and some Tau pok.

Stewed Broccoli with Bai-Ling Mushroom - $12
Surprisingly the clay pot Sea cucumber as tasty and tasted above average. Ingredients include assortments of mushrooms, sweet pea, carrot, and red pepper with sweet not too starchy gravy, a good dish to go with the plates of white rice.

Claypot Sea Cucumber - $25
Consistency of chili crab dishes never fails us for every trip that we visit. Although we paid $94 for the crab that was charged at a seasonal price per Kilogram for 3 pax, the quality of crab defines the price that we paid which is reasonable.

Chili Crab - Seasaonal price / KG
Crab is of quality selected with fresh plump succulent meat unlike some of the Cze Char places we go. The gravy was a tad spicy, generously filled with egg and was not too starchy or watery.

The Pincer of the Crab
To enjoy the Chili Crab dish to the fullest, we have ordered a plate of 12 Mantous (Buns) that was well fried to golden brown. These minis buns were pillowy soft inside and make a good pairing while dipping them into the luscious Chili Crab gravy.

Man Tou - $6 (12 pcs) 
Afterall, Great Eater was our kind of place to visit when it comes to eating crab in the West side of Singapore. Not to mention that their ordering is efficient and fuss-free with a group of well-trained servers taking down as well as serving our orders. I will recommend anyone to Great Eater if they are looking for Chili Crab.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Great Eater 
Location: 964 Jurong West Street 91, #01-342, Singapore 640964

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