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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Beach Road Prawn Mee

Thanks pal for the impromptu calling and we decided to meet up in the East over the popular bowls of Prawn Noodle at East Coast's Beach Road Prawn Noodle.

The queue was long but their operations were efficient, whereby patrons can wait at their table after making orders than having to stand in line waiting for the food.

Basically, the menu was quite straight forward with 5 items, while items 1-4 come with 3 serving sizes, big, medium and small while the 5th item is none other than their ultimate Jumbo Prawn Mee.

Menu & Queue
Having ordered the basic Prawn Mee, the broth was tasty and fragrant added with fried shallot oil. No heady taste of prawns and it was not too dilute and of right portion. The small size is good enough for a normal appetite person like me and you will get medium size prawns in this serving.

Prawn Mee 虾面 - $6 (Small)
The man with a huge appetite loves ordering the biggest size available with pork ribs. Likewise, the taste of prawns was discernible and pork ribs were sweet and tender.

Prawn Mee with Pork Ribs 大虾排骨面 - $12 (Big)
One of us ordered the Jumbo Prawn Mee, the only difference is the size of the prawns, whereas broth and noodles remain the same.

Jumbo Prawn Mee 珍宝虾面 - $12
The best of everything in a bowl where you enjoy having prawns, pork ribs and the tail if you are a fan of one.

Mix Bowl 排骨面  /  猪尾面 - $9
Having a Wu Xiang (Ngoh Hiong) Stall and a Prawn Mee Stall side by side seems a good choice. This reminds me of a similar setting in Blanco Court Prawn Mee too at Beach Road where diners get to enjoy the selection of fried items while waiting patiently for the bowls of delicious Prawn Noodle.

Selection of Wu Xiang Items
Luckily my friends are foodies too, sharing the same sentiments as us. Afterall we traveled all the way here, we should also try this out".

Selection of Wu Xiang Items 五香
The orders came shortly after our order which I felt that ordering system was efficient.

Our Breakfast & Lunch
The broth of Beach Road Prawn Mee does suit me and making a return is foreseeable. However, one disadvantage of this place for those who are driving may be the availability of parking lots nearby. We went there on a weekend during Saturday and we had been making rounds and rounds in the vicinity before getting a decent parking lot which is a street or two away.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Beach Road Prawn Mee
Location: 370/372 East Coast Road Singapore 428981

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