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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Zuo Ji Duck Rice 作记鸭饭

Getting spoilt for choices while you are in East Coast Lagoon Food Village? Perhaps Zuo Ji Duck Rice stall is one of the choices you can opt for as they are in one of the recommended and Must Try. Zuo Ji is specialized in braised duck with either rice or porridge.

Zuo Ji Duck Rice

Doing dish without the rice as we were very clear that there are more food to try out in the food village so we are leaving more stomach spaces for that. The braised duck dish was well braised and drenched generously in the gooey sweet black sauce. The taste did strike a good balance of tender duck meat and spices. The braised duck comes with special chilli to dip into. Besides having meat on plate, coriander, cucumber slices and lettuce were served among the meat.

Braised Duck - $11

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Zuo Ji Duck Rice 作记鸭饭
Location: East Coast Lagoon Food Village, ECP, #01-29, Singapore 468960

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