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Friday, February 7, 2020

Takagi Ramen

Takagi Ramen has been the talk among my friends recently. Stated that the Ramen is for the average Singaporean and having 4 branches, the Jurong West branch is operating 24 hours and its great for someone who is feeling hungry at the wee hours in the west.

With the current location in Jurong West Branch, it is more noticeable as they are facing the main road.

Takagi Ramen
The name "Takagi" takes after the Japanese Austrian who was the administrators of the defunct website TRS (The Real Singapore) and together with her Singaporean Husband, Yang, they are the ones behind the business of these Ramen chains.

Ordering of food is made easier at the self-service machine. The machine is capable of doing nets transaction and for cash payment, it can be done over at the counter after ordering.

Ordering Machine
Takagi Ramen is one of the cheapest on the menu. Its homemade Hakata-style Ramen in their original smooth Japanese Pork Bone broth enhanced with light shio seasoning adding a subtle kombu and bonito aroma. The bowl of Ramen was topped with tender, slow-braised Chashu pork slices. Scallions and blanched bean sprouts were used too. The pet peeve that we had here is that the pork slices get disintegrated easily shortly after lifting up with our chopsticks.

For every bowl of ramen ordered, we can top it up and make it a set meal. Added $2.90 for Set D, it comes with a small plate of Mini Edamame and Hot Green Tea. Do note that this green tea is not refillable.

Takagi Ramen - $6.90
While pork slices get disintegrated in the other bowl of Ramen, I had the Butashoga Ramen that had pork purposely disintegrated by hand pulling. The meat wassauteed with sweet soy sauce and ginger served in their signature Shio tonkatsu broth. This bowl is stated as one of the people's choice. It includes scallions and sweet braised bamboo shoots. I made a meal by ordering Set A for $3.50 with 3 pieces of Gyoza and a cup of hot tea.

Butashoga Ramen - $8.90


The Chashu Ramen is an upgrade version of the Takagi Ramen with more pieces of Chashu over the firm Hakata-style noodles, also in shio-tonkatsu broth, topped with green scallions and bean sprouts. We added additional noodles and its free.

Chashu Ramen - $8.90
Besides selling Ramen, there are 2 other rice dishes in the menu that one can order. We do not have much expectation from the neighborhood Ramen stall but having a 24 hours eatery in the district will definitely be beneficial to those who feel hungry in the middle of the night.

Menu for Noodles & Rice

Menu for Set Meal and Sides

Rating: 3 / 5

Takagi Ramen
Location: Blk 492 Jurong West St 41, #01-74 Singapore 640492

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