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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Rubato Italian Kitchen & Bar

Rubato is an Italian restaurant situated among the cluster of shophouses in Watten Estate of Greenwood Avenue.

Interior was charming with a chic dinning setting. Diners who is sitting in the spacious ambient restaurant place get to catch glimpse of chef preparing the food via the semi opened kitchen. However, if diners prefer the Al Fresco kind of dinning, Rubato do have an inviting outdoor patio dinning space too.

Chic Setting of the Restaurant
We have something off from the menu, Lychee Ice Tea and Cranberry Ice Tea. It was not too sweet with syrup and in fact soothing and fragrant with the lychee and cranberry.

Beverages (Left Lychee, Right Cranberry Ice Tea) - $6 each
Lobster Cappucino was addictive and heart warming as a start with a heady crustacean taste. They are using 'Live' air-flown maine lobster bisque for the bowl. If you love lobster and enjoy the air bubbles on your cappuccino, there is no reason why you will skip this.

Lobster Cappucino - $14.90
Oysters were freshly served on ice with lemon wedges. Good to drizzle them with some tabasco sauce and lemon juice.

Hand Selected - "Worlds Finest Oysters"  - $6 per piece
Here comes our main dishes. Initially, I was torn between the pasta and the pizza. I ended up having the pasta although I'm still being spoilt of choices under their pasta menu. There were a good handful varieties to choose from. I had the Angel's Hair Pasta with hand-picked crab meat. It was notable as every strand of the "hair" was strongly infused with seafood taste. Though pricing at $40 sounds exaggerating for a plate of pasta but after consuming and considering its generous crab meat, it's comprehensible.

Hand Picked Crab Meat + Angel's Hair Pasta $40
Impressive dish I had from the Pata Negra "The Black Footed Board". I love how this charcoal grilled Iberico pork rack was served with a taste sensation from Spain. The slab of meat looked tough but do not judge the book by its cover. It was not only tender but also burst full of flavours. The dish was served with seasonable vegetables and drizzled with an intensely flavourful jus

Pata Negra "The Black Footed Boar" - $39.90
Though the price may be steep,  I find it worthwhile to splurge once in a while for quality and delicious Italian food with good service. What's more the ambiance was worth commenting on to.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Rubato Italian Kitchen & Bar
12 Greenwood Ave Singapore 289204
Nearest MRT Station: Tan Kah Kee (DT8)

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  1. Rubato delivers a captivating Italian dining experience, from its ambiance to its cuisine. The Ultimate Cold Cut Platter offers a vibrant mix of Italian meats, each with its unique flavor. Rubato's Mighty Tomahawk is the epitome of steak perfection, and the herb marinade amplifies its rich taste. Despite large portions, the heavenly Tiramisú is a must-try - a blend of espresso, mascarpone, and cocoa. Rubato undoubtedly offers a superior Italian culinary experience. Highly recommended!