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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Lazy Lizard NEWest

The dark clouds came by quickly covering the bright sky. What a lazy afternoon to start with as we hopped into Lazy Lizard at NeWest. As the shop space in NeWest was not fully tenanted, we find that such location is still consider quiet and relaxing, at least away from the busy malls. Lazy Lizard has a few branches in Singapore and they offer Western Cuisine serving a collection of dishes that is suitable for friends, colleagues and family.

These mid joint wings were marinated with San Miguel beer and fried to golden perfection. Crispy at the exterior and juicy inside. If you are looking for some light bites, these Lazy Wings can be one of your choices.

Beer Delicacies Lazy Wings - $12.80
The serving comes in a plate of 3. This baked Japanese Oysters with truffle mozzarella were fresh and tasty. It makes me feel like ordering more!

Au Gratin Oysters - $17.80
Thin crust pizza laid with sliced tomato, shredded mozzarella cheese and homemade tomato sauce. Not much of wow factor but is better than those frozen ones from the supermarket.

Margharita- $16.80
I enjoyed its crispy edges and luckily its a sharing dish, thus each of us gets to eat 1-2 pieces only.

Margharita pizza
Given the choice of pasta either fettuccine or Angel's hair for our Live Calms, I had chosen the latter.
The style of pasta was in the soup form rather than just dry pasta with calms. It was kind of unique to me as not everywhere do sell them in soup based. They were generous with live calms and as Angel's hair pasta is quite thin, I felt that the entire meal was like having "La La" in Chinese Thin Noodles. The soup was appetizing with sliced garlic, tarragon and white wine. With the use of bird eye chili, it gave a little spice to the dish.

White Wine (Clams) - $18.80
US choice beef patty, grilled bacon & mushroom, triple grueye cheese, lettuce, tomato, straight cut fries with mesclun salad

Triple Cheese Burger - $19.80
Portion is large with reasonable pricing. Since we took advantage of the 50% discounts by using one of the food app, its really a good deal, just that the downside is that we have to dine at non-peak hours.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Lazy Lizard NEWEST
Location: NeWest, 1 West Coast Drive #01-85, 86, Singapore 128020

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