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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Warung Ijo

We often come across vegetarian restaurants but I thought Warung Ijo is special as they are serving Indonesian Cuisine in Vegan.

I was thrown with a surprise when I saw swing seatings in Warung Ijo. Luckily we were early and had made reservations, thus we were given the priority for the choice of swing or the barrel sofa seatings.

After some discussion, we prefer the swing seatings to the cushion seatings.

Barrel Sofa
While my friends were looking at the menu that was plastered all over the stretch of wall near the entrance, I was occupied by the nostalgic looking wall that had an old school bicycle hanged on it and an old radio with cassette tapes onthe shelf.

The swing artwork was made from ice cream sticks and quite unique on its own. However, this is to bring the message across to diners who are seated at the swing area not to swing and bang onto the table and pillars.

Decor on Table
Wow! Be surprised that their Lime Juice was not made up of the usual small calamansi limes and instead, they are making use of the kaffir lime. The aroma and refreshing citrus smell were so inviting and a little sour from the fruit had made this drink perfect.

Lime Juice - $4.90
We started with the Fa Cai Yu Sheng since its Chinese New Year is around the corner. They taste similar however they do have their in house special "Golden Crackers". Since its the year of Rat, we have placed our plate in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Yu Sheng - $19.90
"Orh Luak" aka Fried Oysters was crispy and had the texture of oysters although mushrooms were used.

Orh Luak - $9.90
As Petai lovers, this dish was yummy! Petai were cut into quarters and fried together with vegetarian sambal. Best of all, it was not oily and tasted as good as non-vegetarian ones.

Sambal Petai - $9.90
One of my favourite Indonesian dishes, Gado Gado. Generous with home made peanut sauce and topped with crackers. As we were occupied with taking pictures and enjoying other dishes on the table, the crackers got soaked too long in the sauce thus some of it lost its crispiness. Therefore, it is recommended to consume them fast.

Gado Gado - $8.90
Tahu Telor is presentable, topped with shredded cucumber and placed on a green leave. The use of Kecap Manis made the fried Tahu tasted great, however, we still find that there was still something missing from this dish. Perhaps the use of shredded cucumber was not enough.

Tahu Telor - $8.90
Fragrant and the slab of fish was covered up with creamy curry and vegetables like long beans as well as brinjal. Fish was fried and soaked in the not so spicy curry. The meat was quite tough, nonetheless, we still enjoy the dish, scooping up the gravy, pairing them up with our plain rice.

Gulai Fish - $15.90
If I did not know that I had entered a vegetarian eating place, I might have mistaken these sate as the real stuff.

Satay Padang - $9.90
Although our tummy was almost full with the sumptuous dinner, we could not bear to leave the place without filling ourselves with their Avocado smoothie. The Avocado smoothie comes in 2 variations, either with chocolate or with gula Melaka. The lady who served us mentioned that each cup was made up of one avocado and even offered us more chocolate or Gula Melaka if we find that its too creamy.

Avocado Smoothie - $5.90 Each
Service was friendly and the quality of food was laudable. The environment was comfortable and feels at home. I had a pleasant experience and every vegetarian restaurant visit will throw me some surprises. Even though I love exploring new places, I do not mind making a return for vegetarian food at Warung Ijo.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Warung Ijo
Location: 337 Beach Road, Singapore 199565

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