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Monday, December 9, 2019

Una Una

Unagi has been quite popular ever since Man Man came in with their concept of Hitsumabushi at Keong Saik Road. One similar trend here is that Una Una has an open concept kitchen that allows diner to see through the transparent glass of staff grilling the eels. The main difference of Hitsumabushi served between these two is the price of the set.

Una Una
Man Man uses live eel and one can see the process of preparation entirely from the kitchen, from live eel to cook eel. While in Una Una, they gave consumers a competitive pricing by offering frozen eels.

Interior was designed to fit the Japanese culture with hanging lanterns, normal seating as well as partitioned seating.

We prefered the partitioned seating as we felt that there were more privacy and interesting. We have to take our shoes off before settling ourselves there.

Philadelphia roll consist of salmon Aburi topped with mayonnaise and fish room.

Philadelphia Roll - $12.80
We topped up the meal with potato salad as a side dish at $3.

Potato Salad - $4
I prefer not to have entirely just rice and unagi for my meal thus I decided on a mixture of Unagi and Shabu beef.

Unagi Beef Shabu Ju - $22.80
Served in a Bento box with half side filled with Unagi and half side filled with beef Shabu on top of a bed of rice added with some preserved ginger.

Shabu Beef
Unagi tasted pretty common to me with sweet tasting sauce coated.

Shabu beef tasted ordinary too. However, I still stand firm to my selection of choice for having killed 2 birds in 1 stone.

Shabu Beef
This meal comes with a Chawanmushi. 

While Kaisen Hitsumabushi has a mixture of Uangi deck on top of Sashimi that was cut into cubes.
Kaisen Hitsumabushi - $18.80
If you love Sashimi and want to have best of both world choices, this is another good alternative too.

Close up
There are 3 types of size, small, regular and double of Htsumabushi. For regular portion set at $14.80, price is quite attractive.  
Hitsumabushi - $19.80 (Double)
The hungry man opted for a double portion. Basically, rice and soup portion remains the same. The only difference is the double portion of Grilled Eel.

Double Portion
Comparing to the Japanese restaurants that specialized in Hitsumabushi, the quality is a vast difference. However, pricing from UnaUna still remain at a competitive rate to the consumer. Where can you get a small portion of charcoal grilled Unagi at $9.80?

Rating: 3  / 5

Una Una
Location: Bugis+ 201 Victoria St, #04-10, Singapore 188067
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis (EW12/DT14)

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