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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Chang Xian XO Seafood (Try Fresh XO Seafood)

By the look of "La La Bee Hoon" Sign board that is located in the food court of Sultan Plaza, one may feel that it's just another ordinary stall. As its not a place that we will pass by, we made a trip down purposely to the place and check out this popular KL Noodle.

Stall with TV advertisement
The dish was executed differently with cooking wine, Hua Diao. Seafood soup was packed full of the taste if you are a fan of it. Having paid $6.90, I think it's pretty worthwhile for the ingredients that were generously filled in the bowl. Lala, prawns, cuttlefish, vegetables and spring onions were spotted in the bowl. 

Hua Diao Seafood Bee Hoon Soup 花雕海鲜米粉汤 - $6.90
Bee Hoon is unique too which is imported from Malaysia. The texture is springy and close to "Dong Fen" aka vermicelli.

Bee Hoon
This dish would probably appeal to salted egg lovers and since such trend still have not lost its shine. Luckily, the gravy was not thick and gluey type and instead its more watery. It was made from crumbled salted egg. Taste was robust and satisfying. Worth trying if you are a salted egg lover.

Salted Egg Seafood Bee Hoon 咸蛋海鲜米粉- $8.90

Given the chance, I will like to revisit and try out the braised seafood Mee Sua. I see that these Mee Sua is of a different texture too.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Chang Xian XO Seafood (Try Fresh XO Seafood)
Location: 100 Jalan Sultan Road #01-06/07 Sultan Plaza Singapore 199001

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