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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

East Treasure Speciality Prawn Noodle

East Treasure Specialty Prawn Noodle belongs to the same group as Astons. Previously at the similar location, they focus their business mostly on the Chinese Restaurant Style Dishes but right now they are heading towards making prawn noodle a specialty.

East Treasure Speciality Prawn Noodle
Bowls of noodles were competitively priced, starting from $5 from its classic prawn noodle. Patrons can have a choice of either soup or dry version with choices of noodles.

We were there over a Sunday morning for brunch and it was already quite packed and there was queue formed when we left the place.

Sugar Cane drinks with lemon was refreshing and cooling. They were freshly squeeze on the spot and one can see the machine right at the counter. 

Sugar Cane with Lemon 
Condiments were allocated for each table. Diners can feel free to help themselves with fried shallots, chilli powder and chilli in soya sauce.

Chilli and Shallots
You can have your bowl of Classic Prawn Noodle soup or dry. Ingredients that make up the bowl of noodles was rather classic with prawns, pork belly slices, beansprouts and kang kong. The stock was tasty with sweetness and I felt that taste of prawns stock was of the right amount.

Classic Prawn Noodle 经典虾面 - $5
Ingredients for this order was similar to the classic prawn noodle just that a bigger prawn size here were used. Soup can be topped up free of charge if you want more.

Classic Big Prawn Noodle 经典大虾面 - $7.50
The stock of Penang prawn noodle is different from the classic ones. It's slightly spicy, however stock is still pack of prawn taste.

Penang Prawn Noodle 槟城虾面 - $7.50
Compared to Da Dong Prawn Noodle down the road, both of them have their traits. East Treasure is more economical and generous in prawns while Da Dong has its stock done best without dilution. They both tastes great and it depends which of the prawn mee style floats your boat.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

East Treasure Speciality Prawn Noodle
Location: 328 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-01, Singapore 427585

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