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Friday, December 27, 2019

Seletar Western Food

Looking for old school western food? Have you heard of Seletar Western Food that is located in a run down coffee shop among the private housing estate? There is no fanciful menu with attractive food pictures to attract diners. What they do have is a list of food items printed in red and blue against a yellow board. Ironically, with such down to earth menu and environment, there are still many die hard fans waiting about in the stuffy hot environment for their food.

Seletar Western Food
With the price at $6 and comparing its portion, I guess one may not find such Western food elsewhere even from a coffee shop. Portion is about 1.5 times more than a usual portion outside tucked with my favourite fried bun, baked beans and crinkle cut fries as sides. While I'm expecting some coleslaw here, it left me disappointed as the old school western food serving only contains slices of cucumber and some lettuce in its plain form without any dressing. On the other hand, the slab of chicken chop was tender, crispy at some parts and coated with the traditional brown sauce. Overall the taste was simple and straight forward which is nostalgic.

Chicken Chop 鸡扒 - $6
Lamb Chop, Pork Chop, steak, sausage and egg if what you will get from a mix grill apart from the fried bun, crinkle cut fries, baked beans as well as the vegetables. Pork chop was tender and you can hear and see them malleting the meat as part of the preparation.

Mixed Grill 什扒 - $12
Although the taste was not the best that we had all tasted but its many of our childhood favorites. One thing for sure we know is that we can never get such a decent portion for $6 outside and this will definitely guaranteed you leaving the place with a full stomach. Treasure it as old school Western Food is hard to come by.

Rating: 3 / 5

Seletar Western Food
Location:  2 Jln Selaseh, #01-04, Singapore 808433

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