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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gram Cafe & Pancake

Before Gram Cafe & Pancakes has even launches in Vivocity, there were already many good comments going around about the texture of this heavenly wobbly Japanese pancake.

As usual, whatever there is new stuff, Singaporeans will be curious to find out, thus its normal to see the snaky queues lined outside the cafe waiting for the right time slot for their pancake. Yes and you won't be surprise that some of them queue 4 hours just to have a taste of it.

Gram Cafe & Pancake
We had their all day breakfast. There is a choice of pancakes or croissant served with fluffy eggs in Japanese style as well as the crispy bacon. Crossiant was note worthy. I love its flakiness in the outer layers and its pillowy soft interior.

All Day Breakfast (Bacon & Egg) - $16.90
Soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom, it was reasonably starchy with chunk of mushroom in it.
Soup of the day - $4.90
We had the Matcha with whipped cream top with some Matcha powder. Drink was refreshing with the some mint taste.

Xmas Matcha Mint - $6.90
The star of the cafe is none other than this premium 3 stacked pancake that was the talk of the crowd over the Instagram sometimes back. These beautiful pancakes are made to order and is only available at certain time slot of the day with 30 servings each time. Ingredients used were premium and imported all the way from Japan.
Premium Pancakes - $17.90
Each pancake was about 3-4cm height and was serving with butter, special homemade whipped cream and honey. The fluffy and cotton candy texture of Gram's pancake is outstanding.

Pancake's Closeup
Overall experience was pleasant and like most patrons, I got sold by the fluffy texture of Gram's Pancake.  However, having said that, it still boils down to dollar and cents. The amount paid for the experience was reasonable but I don't see myself going back so soon as price is steep. Moreover, with the wait in the queue (if any), I'm willing to give this up for other food in the mall.

With Butter & Maple Syrup

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Gram Cafe & Pancake
Location:  VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-110  Singapore 09858
Nearest MRT Station: Harbour Font (NE1)

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