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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Social Place

Social Place which is originated from Hong Kong, has its first branch in South East Asia. She has taken the seat in Orchard, The Forum Shopping Mall.

Social Place
The Causal restaurant serves classic Cantonese food with a modern twist and most of all, menu is interesting and reasonably priced.

Social Place at The Forum
We were greeted with a spacious and comfortable interior that illustrate a modern casual dining environment. Tables are marble top, the elegant gold and blue as well as vintage tile flooring had given us a mixture of traditional feel but in a modern setting.

Dining Environment
The bright environment is welcoming. With big tables and comfortable chairs, such place is suitable for groups gathering.

Dining Environment
Social place also adopted a open concept kitchen where diners can look through into the kitchen on the right side as they entered into the restaurant.

Can you spot the Dim Sum Trays?
Serviettes, wet tissue and even gloves are provided for your dining experience. As a first timer in the restaurant, the server was friendly with recommendations of food and some explanation of dishes.

Dining Essentials
I almost got tricked and wanting to get the servers to change our bowls till we realized that these are the imprints of the bowl.

Ants in bowl?
This is one of the recommended dishes to try if you are in Hong Kong and its not a common sight here in Singapore. I contemplated to order as I had awful recall of its taste and smell back in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, I went ahead and order. Luckily, there is no foul smell.

Roasted Quail 蜜制鹌鹑 - $9.90
The roasted quail was infused with more than 10 herbs and spices. It tasted abit dry to me. Its tough to eat without being hands on but not to worry as the restaurant had provided disposable gloves.

Quick eat it up before the ants carried them away!
Tofu was skillfully sliced into uniform size and surrounded by a generous pool of Japanese Sesame dressing with century eggs, spring onions and diced capsicum.

Special Century Eggs in Silken Tofu 雪花糖心 (皮蛋豆腐)- $8.90

Close up of the dish
How the dish was presented had definitely lured our attention. Our eyes followed the server as such dish passed by our side when it was dished out from the kitchen to other tables. Since its the first visit, we began to tally what we saw and scan through the menu, asking ourselves if we had ordered similar dish.

Deep Fried Lobster Glutinous Puff 非常山竹 - $7.80
These mangosteen shape puff was made up of glutinous dough decorated with a part of our childhood favourite chocolate stick, Poky. The exterior glutinous purple shell gave me a new experience in food even though it wasn't that ideal looking. Nevertheless, it still give you a crispy feel.

Each mangosteen was placed upright with the help of bitter gourd rings as its coaster.

Bitter-gourd as its coaster
The fillings threw a surprise to me. The heady lobster broth was satisfying even though there isn't any lobster meat but only crab meat found. The layer of mochi like layer had cradled the star of the dish so well and biting on it was enjoyable. 

Fillings in Glutinous Lobster Puff
The platter comes with 5 types of dim sum and each individual item has its on tray apart from the main tray. They looked & tasted pretty ordinary to me.

Dim Sum Platter 点龙聚聚 (5 Pcs) - $12.80
Normal dim sum dish of a red bean bun may seem boring to one but have have it aesthetically changed it into Rose shape bun with red bean fillings.

Steamed Rose Floret Bun 玫瑰花包 - $1.80
The cutie piggy that captivate most of our hearts when it was showing in the social media feed. To be honest because of this dessert, I visited Social Place. The pig was wobbly and bouncy swimming in a pool of coconut milk. Well, would you even bear to eat this up? 

Small Pig Pudding 得意小猪 (1 件) - $6.80
6 blocks of Mahjong jelly were served on an icy cold glass plate. Every block has an edible piece of paper with the Mahjong wording on it.

Mahjong Jelly 麻将果冻 - $6.80
We are not expecting much from the taste of Jelly but if you ask me they are sweet, I find that the level of sweetness is okay.

Another Mahjong Piece

Huat Mahjong
I believe that the presentation and creativity on the food will sparks some interest in curious diners at the beginning. It's an Instagram worthy place to visit for foodies. However, with an average taste on food and without much wow factor, its inevitable that novelty may wear off soon.

Rating: 3 / 5

Social Place
Location: Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, #01-22 Singapore 238884

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