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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Lao Liang 老两猪脚冻沙鱼肉

Even being born in a Teochew family, I have never heard of such dishes till one day I passed by Lao Liang and realised the beauty of their traditional Teochew way of serving Pork Trotters and Shark Jelly. Out of curiosity, I ordered one of the "rare" dishes and try it out for fun.

Stall of Lao Liang 老两猪脚冻沙鱼肉
Over the years, Lao Liang were popular in the media due to the traditional food served.

What they are serving?
Though it do not have a strong herbal braised taste in there, the innards were clean without any "special" taste. Just look at how organised each items were placed neatly over at Lao Liang's preparation counter.

Busy at work
We ordered the set without the Kway as we already had a full meal before this. Braised items set consist of pork belly, boiled eggs, big and small intestines.

Braised Items Set 潮州式粿汁套餐 - $4
The Shark Jelly was served refreshingly chilled with a handful amount of ice, this is to prevent the aspic from melting. Each piece of shark jelly consist of white shark meat together with the nutritious translucent jelly / collagen of the shark.  

Shark Jelly 鲨鱼冻 - $5 
 Its almost tasteless but texture was bouncy consisting of subtle sweet shark meat taste. However by dipping them into the tangy peanut chilli sauce, it did really complement them well!

Items with Different Chili Sauce
Try it before such food items are disappearing or before it loses its traditional roots. Perhaps the next round when I have more stomach space, I will like to try the Pork Trotter Jelly.

Rating: 3 / 5

Lao Liang 老两猪脚冻沙鱼肉
Location: Berseh Food Center, #02-37 Singapore 200877

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