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Monday, November 25, 2019

Bangkok J.N Thai Food

Thai Cuisine seems to be our recent dinning option. With family and friends, we decided to patronize Bangkok J.N Thai Food located along Balestier Road in a coffeeshop. During the evenings of Weekends the place seems to quiet down a lot as compared to the weekdays.

Menu was extensive and all dishes were listed clearly on the signboard. We placed our orders efficiently after settling down.

Bangkok J.N Thai Food
Fluffy egg topped with some oysters and lemon slices. The dish was pretty ordinary, just eggs and oysters.

Oyster Omelette 蛋包炒蚝煎 - $10
The dish had confused my mind with the preset illustration of Fried Basil Minced Pork. Instead of the usual just minced meat and basil leaves, this dish was sweeter in taste with chopped long beans, carrots slices and yellow onions. The style was different, lacking the strong basil taste that one is looking for. On the contrary, its good for someone who do not like the basil taste.

Stirred Fried Basil Pork 九层塔炒猪肉 - $8
Fiery! That's the word to describe this soup not just because of the fire from its pot but also the spicy level of its soup. Although we mentioned the portion to prepared to be lesser in spice, we still felt that burning sensation on our tongue. Nevertheless, the soup was both sour and spicy, generously filled with fresh seafood like prawns and fish slices. Other ingredient like shredded lemon grass and tomato had given the dish an enhancement in taste.

Tom Yum Soup 冬炎海鲜汤 - $6

Big portion of rice, simple and generously served. I thought its quite plain with just meat floss, cucumber slices, pineapple chunks and bits of eggs but still I will go for this rather than a plate of plain rice.

Pineapple Fried Rice 黄梨炒饭 - $5
Breaded prawn cakes were bouncy and soft. Good appetizer and finger food to start the meal with.

Prawn Cakes 香脆虾球 - $8
Of all dishes ordered, I like this best as the fish is fresh and the soup was addictive. A handful of garnishing was used and the soury and tangy taste of it was inviting. Carrots, lemon grass, onions,celery, chilli and garlic were used.

Steamed Seabass With Lemon Sauce 清蒸柠檬鱼 - $25
Service was polite even though it was from the coffee shop and I will say that the taste was not too Singaporean Thai Style as their cooking style is rather different. Overall I find the dishes rather decent.

Rating: 3 / 5

Bangkok J.N Thai Food
Location: 567/569 Balestier Road Singapore 329884

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