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Friday, September 13, 2019

Da Dong Prawn Noodles 大東蝦麵

Da Dong Prawn Noodles builds her history ever since 1966 and now it is helmed by the two brothers ~ the 2nd hawker generation.

Prawn Noodles prices start from $5 but this portion is small, perhaps suitable for the kids' appetite. Most of the patrons will order either the regular $8 or the larger portion at $10. Those who prefer Big Prawn noodles, can order at $13. Yup, they are not cheap and let's find out more!

Stall of Da Dong
The broth is robust, flavoured by prawns and pork but its not the usual bowl of prawn noodle broth that I had. It does not have the significant prawn odor albeit the broth have been cooked and simmered for long hours.

Prawn Noodle was well executed with our choices of noodles topped with prawns, pork, kang kong, bean sprouts, fried shallot oil and crispy pork lard.

Prawn Noodle - $8 (Regular)
Ensuring its quality of the broth, they do not dilute it and sadly for the patrons, Da Dong do not offer any soup refill in their bowl. Each bowl of prawn noodle is given just the right amount of broth to soak their noodles, so cherish every drop of it.

Kway Teow and Noodle
Pork Ribs were really tasty and had absorbed the taste of the broth. Not only that, pork ribs were tender and meat were bone-falling kind.

Pork Rib Prawn Noodles (Large) - $10
Soup for the pork intestine is more noticeable here. Texture of the intestine was chewy and tasted as if they have soaked up the unami flavours from the pork and prawns in the broth. Yum Yum!

Pork Intestine Soup - $5
For quality and soul satisfying meal, I felt that the price of a regular prawn noodle is justified.  Though I'm not a fan of prawn noodles, strangely the broth is addictive even in its light taste. Why not go down and show your support to these young hawkerprenuers.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Da Dong Prawn Noodles 大東蝦麵
Location: 354 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427600

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