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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Thai Boat Noodle

Yeah! We are back here again for some decent Thai Food that I have been craving especially for their Boat Noodle. Here's some Thai Tea to go along with the food for dinner.

Thai Ice Tea and Thai Ice Lemon Tea - $2.50

The pork skewers are my favourite order. The plate come with 3 sticks of Moo Ping, the sweet savoury sauce coating the grilled pork meat was addictive. If you want to elevate the taste, dip them into the chilli provided.

Moo Ping - $6

Grilled Pork Collar is also one of my favourites orders here too. I would say these pieces of meat were flavourful and that's why we ended up ordering these are side dishes.

Grilled Pork Collar - $8

Whenever I feel the need to get the Thai Boat Noodle Fix, it just reminds me of them. The broth of Boat Noodle pork is thick enough with some herbal taste. The ingredient consists of meatballs, Kang Gong and spring onions.

Boat Noodle Pork - $6

If you are ordering the Beef Boat Noodle, the ingredients are similar to the Pork Boat Noodle.

Boat Noodle Beef - $6

These Thai Food are reasonably priced and affordable. What's more, there are no service charges or any GST. Happy Dining.

Posted on 6th July 2018

Visiting the old school building, Beauty World, it is less likely you will skip this Thai Boat Noodle Shop that is tuck at the corner of the 1st Floor. Food menu from Thai Boat Noodle is pretty extensive with the usual Thai Snacks and common beverages.

Unit Front
Both the Lemon and Milk Tea are pretty satisfying.

Thai Ice Lemon Tea & Thai Ice Tea - $2.50 Each

The presentation looks like what I had in Bangkok in somewhere near victory Monument. The soup that comes along with the boat noodle is rich and in dark brown color, totally identical to what I had. Not only that, it was tasty and I am so please with the meat ball too.

Boat Noodle Pork - $5

While for the Beef Boat Noodle, the texture of meat is similar to what we have in the Pork Boat Noodles. They are tender and tasty.

Boat Noodle Beef

I find that this is the closest Thai Boat Noodle I ever had in Singapore that has the taste of what I'm looking for. Service wise, they are friendly and most of the staff in the kitchen are Thai workers thus the quality and authenticity of taste are for sure verified. Now that we need not fly direct to Bangkok for a bowl of Thai Boat Noodle, just head down to Beauty World and it will definitely fix your craving.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Thai Boat Noodle
Location: 144 Bukit Timah Road #01-09 Singapore 586177

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