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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bao Fa Claypot Rice

Those residing in the west may have heard about Bao Fa Claypot Rice located in one of the coffeeshop. By words of mouths from my fellow colleague, I went ahead and try it.

Bao Fa Claypot Rice
With Claypot Rice as their signature dishes, Bao Fa is also selling Minced meat noodle as well as some healthy soups. From a glance through the tables in the coffeeshop, we noticed that there were alot of them waiting for Claypot Rice since black sauce, chilli and plates were already placed on the table.

Chilli & Black Sauce

Servings come in $6 - $20 for 1 to 5 pax and a wait of 20 minutes is required as they only cook the rice on order basis. However, to avoid waiting for long, one can call in for reservation before making a trip down.

Claypot Rice - $10 for 2 pax

Close up on Claypot Ingredients
Only soy and chilli sauce was provided for us to stir them into the hot claypot. Standard ingredients like sliced chinese sausages, salted fish was found in the earthen claypot topped with green coriander leaves as garnishing. And they were quite generous with the braised chicken on the rice. Presentation is decent and chicken was tender, however I find that they were lacking of the infused taste from the braised sauce. 

After mixing the dark sauce

Earthen Pot
Lotus Roots were boiled to softness and easy on the teeth, so as the spare ribs while the soup was decent, not too bland.

Lotus Roots and Spare Ribs Soup - $3

Rating: 3 / 5

Bao Fa Claypot Rice
Location: Blk 283 Bukit Batok East Ave 3 Singapore 650283

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