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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Restoran Wah Cai 華仔三合一招牌炸年糕

Have been patronising this place since a few years back. I was both shocked and happy to see the owners had expanded its small stall to an entire shop. Years back, they were operating along the walk way with their wok and a small stall and its quite prominent everytime we walked past.

Wah Cai 3 In 1 Chinese Cake Fried Durian
The stall is vegetarian friendly. With 3 in 1 Chinese Cake as signature, they do sell other items like Sweet potato, tapioca, banana, curry puff, green bean puff and yum puff.

Menu printed
People swarmed to the stall when the batch of 3 in 1 chinese cake was ready to purchased. As usual, the popular items gets sold out quickly.

Queuing to purchase
Items were fried in batches and we had to wait for a long time before the next batch were ready. In the case, there were no fried banana and fried durian for us this time round as we need to wait for more than an hour.  We bought the cempedak, fried chinese cake and 3 in 1 chinese cake.

Fried Items in a bag with grease paper
The normal Chinese Cake (Nian Gao) is chewy and generous in its amount. It was thick and not too sweet. Best enjoyed when it is hot.

Normal Chinese Cake - 
For the 3 in 1 Chinese Cake, it is make up of a slice of yam and sweet potato with Chinese Cake (Nian Gao) Sandwiched in between. You can see that them Deep frying the 3 in 1 Chinese Cake involved two or more times of frying.

Busying on the batches of items
In the picture, they fried the 3 in 1 bundle of chinese cake, there after the first round, they took the piping hot items out and remove the toothpick in the central and refried them again.

Processing of 3 in 1 Chinese Cake
The second frying had given the 3 in 1 Chinese Cake a more presentable outlook. Its round with golden brown crispy crumbs outside.

3 in 1 Chinese Cake - RM 2.50
The Chinese cake is very melty and holds both the yam and sweet potato in tact with its sticky nature.

3 In 1 Chinese Cake
Fried Cempedak was also fried till golden brown with crispy crust. It is quite interesting to have fruit serve in hot piping thin crust. However I still prefer the usual chilled Cempedak. Among all, though i do not have the chance to try the fried durian this round, I will vote for its original Chinese Cake and fried Durian.

Fried Cempedak  - RM 4.00
 If you have ever went to Malaysia Boleh, they do have similar stall with the same signboard selling fried durian too. It will be the best alternative if you do not have time to travel down into Johor.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Restoran Wah Cai
Location: 86 Jln Pahlawan 2 (Taman Tun Aminah) 81300 Johor Bahr, Johor Malaysia

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