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Friday, June 29, 2018

JWC (Just Want Coffee) The Factory 30

As the name suggests, Just Want Coffee is located in an industrial area and to be precise, its housed in a Factory which is surrounded by containers and run down buildings.

Just Want Coffee - The Facgtory 30
The facade just reminds me of Wheeler's Yard in Singapore making use of industrial factory to run a cafe business. Though they shared the same industrial theme, Wheeler's Yard is more on Bicycles.

Facade of Just Want Coffee - Brewing with abundance

Pillar with Chinese Signage
Just behind the entrance door, you will notice that even the door handle is partially made up of the coffee filter holder, impressive!

Door Handle
As soon as we swang the main door, we realised JWC is a 2 Storey refurbished place and with their cafe themed industrial. Take a look at the upper level railings, they are make up of pipings.

2 Storey Cafe
Over the counter,  this food elevator has bring convenience to staff of the cafe. It reduces the working staff from carrying heavy dishes up and down in the cafe. Up at the ceiling, there are a number of sacks hanging above? Don't worry about it falling down as they are only stuffed with shredded papers.

Food Elevator
There are long tables in the cafe, suitable for group gathering. Under the cozy lights and air conditioning environment, this place make it so comfortable to chill out especially over a hot weather outside.

Right Side of the Cafe
To me, the "Customer Menual" is designed to be more like a technical instruction Menu to operate machines instead. Of course, there are pages with their food menu in the mixture of the technical information.

Customer Menual
The concrete screed wall and flooring is no stranger to an industrial environment. Not only that, with the steel basins, old school type of pipes and taps, everything fit well to the industrial theme, even the overhead lamp.

Toilet Basin
The cut of Tiramisu's served was generous but ultimately not to our liking as the entire piece of cake was kind of frozen and tough to cut. Totally not the kind of soft and chilly Tiramisu we have expected as its not as moist. However in terms of taste wise, its still pretty ordinary.

Tiramisu - RM 15.90
Texture of cake as described was really silky like Tofu. The cheese cake was supported by a thin layer of biscuit as its base. Tasted not too bad.

Tofu Cheese Cake - RM 11.90
Having order the Luxurious Affogato, we get to see the entire process of making it in the video, involving naked flames over the alcohol.

Choco Powder on the glass of cold chocolate is more than enough, making up a thick layer at the top neutralizing the sweet chocolate with a tad of bitterly taste.

Cold Chocolate & Caramel Macchiato Cold - RM 12 & 14.50
With the all day breakfast menu, though its near dinner time, we cant help but to order one set and share among ourselves. Hungry Jack Big Breakfast comes with Nachos, Eggs, ham, cheese sausage, Bagel, greens, mushrooms and tomatoes. Nachos comes with Thousand Island / Ranch Sauce and the milky small pan of scramble eggs are perfect!

Hungry Jack Big Breakfast - RM 28.50
Seems like its tough to cafe hop without driving around in Johor Bahru. On the good side, if you manage to drive around in Johor Bahru, with google map's aid, cafe hopping is definitely much easier this way!

For this round, it was an impromptu visit and we did not bring too much stomach space here, I hope to be back for their waffles.

Rating: 3 / 5

JWC (Just Want Coffee)
Location: 30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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