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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Asahikawa Izakaya 旭川居酒屋

It feels different travelling to Senibong Cove each time as we have to pass by a gantry / guard house to enter the place just like we enter Sentosa in Singapore. It was my 2nd time here but first time dining here. As compared to the first round the crowd here was more prominent than before with more Singapore Car Plates around and of course more car park lots were being drawn out.

Looks like this place getting more popular with locals as well as Singaporeans!

Asahikawa Izakaya
In terms of environment this place scores with its peaceful and beautiful scenes with ferries docked at the berths. What's more, looking opposite to the shore will be our home country. Yes, its so near yet so far away.

Scenes at Night
For those who are worry about going into Johor and uncontactable on your Singapore lines, this is a good place to dine in as you are able to receive signals from our local Telcos.

Night at Senibong
Dine at the exterior to enjoy the gentle sea breeze and the peaceful scenery beside the berth.

Exterior Seats
Not only it is good for social or normal gathering, they do cater VIP rooms if you need for special occasions.

Interior is modern and brightly furnished with lighting. Plushy brown seats with dark brown timber gave a contrast to the surrounding.

Interior's Furnishing 
 Let's take a look at its menu!

Chuka Wakame or they called it the Seasoned Salad was ordinary. Black and white sesame seeds were sprinkled.

Chuka Wakame - RM 10.00
Yeah! Finally my favourite Sashimi is here. They are not stingy with the portion and it came in 5 fresh thick slices. Yum Yum!

Mekajiki Toro - RM 25.00
There were a few variety of Chawanmushi and we all had the original. They were served in the traditional Japanese Cups. What we like best was its silky egg that looked so perfect without any holes from the surface of the egg.

Chawanmushi - RM 5.00
Sushi Roll with King Prawn and Mango Roll was recommended. The king prawn was deep fried and crispy. The rolls were tasty and had a good riots of texture within. Prawn meat was fragrant and crispy while the cooling cucumber gave the crunchy effect, not forgetting the sweetness from the smooth layer of mango that gave the roll a "shelter".

King Prawn Maki - RM 28.00
Ika was well grilled and coated sparingly with Teriyaki sauce. Would prefer if the sauce can be more generous. As a whole, I find it not too bad as texture was great with hints of smoky fragrant.

Ika Teriyaki - RM 25.00
With so many side dishes order, it's best to skip the rice meals away with such order so we have more room for other dishes. Cha Soba is pretty ordinary with seaweed flakes over the cold noodle. Perhaps a little different here is that they do serve Quail egg in the meal.

Cha Soba - RM 14.90
Boiled Spinach was soaked with Soy Sauce and generously topped with bonito flakes. Oh well, I will still prefer the usual chilled spinach (but too bad there isn't such item on the menu) with roasted sesame sauce as this tasted a tad on the bitter side.

Horenso Ohitashi -RM 8.00
Simple set meal with tamago and grilled Eel over a bowl of pearl white rice with Miso Soup. Eel was sweetly coated with sweet sauce. However, having tested the Michelin Star Eel Rice Man Man Unagi in Singapore, this is of no comparison.

Unadon - RM 36.00
We almost left the place and forgotten all about this order as we thought we were done after the mains. In terms of Currency Exchange, this is completely worthy for its size and freshness. Big Oysters were grilled and had springs onions and garlic over it.

Kaki No Chizu Yaki - RM 41.00 (3 Pcs)
Will definitely be back again for more!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Asahikawa Izakaya
Address: Persiaran Senibong, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia

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