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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen

Another Thai Food Restaurant Off the list! We used to talk about having Aroy Dee for meal everytime when we pass by Middle Road especially when this Kitchen is just located next to LE Cafe. We all heard good claims about the kitchen and perhaps why it was there for such a long time.

Interior is rather modern with semi open concept kitchen. Furnishing are made up of metal chairs and wooden table with tiles flooring. They also include a mounted television for diners to watch and enjoy their meal.

Thai Coconut - $4.90
Clear Tom Yam Seafood Soup was appetizing and even though we forgot to instruct the server to make it less spicy, I would say that spiciness was mild and the soup really whet my appetite for more. Ingredients include fish slices, tomato, lemon grass, coriander and Sotong, which were nothing out of the normal soup we had.

Tom Yum Talay (Num Khon / Num Sai)  (Seafood Tom Yum Soup  or Clear Tom Yum) 
Pineapple fried rice portion was generous and good for sharing. Tasted mediocre with chicken floss, raisins, eggs and mixed vegetables. A bit disappointing!
Khao Saparod (Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken Floss) - $6.50
The pandan chicken leaves were fried to crisp and required some efforts to unwrapped before we can get hold of the meat. The turmeric used was a tad too much and meat was rather soft. Overall, tasted like chicken satay to me. Dip them into the sweet and sour chilli sauce and enjoy it.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (Thai Style Pandan Chicken) - $10
Phad Thai, which is always one of my favourite under the Thai Cuisine Menu was really to my liking as we prefer to have a dryer version than this. However, in terms of taste, it was still alright with the fragrant of peanuts and sweet savoury sauce coated on the noodle.

Phad Thai (Thai Fried Noodle) - $6.50
Thai Fried Fish was something I always wish to order but always get turned off by its expensive pricing. Due to promotion, it cost $19.90 instead of $28. Fried Garoupa was well presented with vegetables as sides sprinkled with few stalks of coriander and soaked mildly in their three taste sauce. The sauce was not too bad with sweetness, saltiness and a little sourish.

Pla Ghao Sarm Rod (Garoupa with Special Three Taste Sauce) - $19.90
Last but not least the papaya Salad with salty crab. There was a promotion to this item at $9 instead of $15. I'm kind of fool by the menu as I thought that it was salted egg crab. This appetiser wasnt too pleasing to us, firstly it was served when we almost finished our meal and secondly, the papaya salad was too spicy for us. In the end, we left almost 90% of the food on table.

Som Tum Phoo Pla Ra (Thai Papaya Salad with Salted Crab) - $9
The good thing about the eating place is good for supper goers as it opens till as early as 6am in the morning. If you want to have pocket friendly food that comes with generous portion, this can be one of your choices. However, if you are particular about taste of Thai food then you have to be selective of what you are ordering in the menu. Personally, I have expected their standard items like Pineapple Fried Rice and Phad Thai to be better. Therefore, it is less likely I will be back for other items on the menu.

Do note  that payment terms are only Cash or NETS.

Rating: 3 / 5

Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen
Location: Elias Building 262 Middle Road Singapore 188989

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