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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Oberstrasse is a German term for Upper Street and is commonly used in Germany. The cafe is just a stone throw away from Lavender MRT Station. It's quite a popular place for some breakfast and brunch. It was a last-minute idea that we came here for a meal, but for a dinner.

The Interior feels cosy under the orange lights. In fact, the theme of using transparent containers with the bulbs in them gave the environment a rustic feel altogether with the wooden tables and chairs.



I bet everyone hear about their Rosti and comes here for this! The homemade potato rosti was awesome accompanied by a pretty sunny side up egg, wedge of lemon and a spat of sour cream. The Rosti was pan-fried to crisp at some parts and texture was perfect without being too burnt. If I were to compare Rosti from Marche, both as are tasty, just that the differences is that Oberstrasee Rosti are more of wider and shorter while Marche's were machined cut thus the size of it is uniform.

Sunny Rosti - $11

Sandwichies are served in freshly baked Ciabatta with Smoked Cheddar, Coral lettuces, Tomatoes and Onions. It consist of Norwegian smoked salmon, Avocado spread, horseradish dill sauce and alfalfa sprouts.

Smokled Salmon & Avocado - $12

I had the Duck Confit as my main course that come with 2 sides and I had the homemade slaw as well as the House Salad. The colour combination of this course looked pleasing to the eyes with purple slaw and Salad drenched with roasted sesame dressing. On the other hand, the Duck Confit was deep-fried, though it was a tad on the dry side, it was well complemented by the Lingonberry Sauce that elevated the dining experience of the dish.

Duck Config with Lingonberry Sauce - $18

It was quite quiet during the night and perhaps many would come for their brunch or breakfast. Service was friendly and prompt. The only downside I would have think of is perhaps the smell on the clothing after dining. I don't mind returning for sausage and rosti.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Location: 809 French Road #01-50 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200809
Nearesst Station: Lavender (EW11)

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