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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih (Cake)

Road trip is make interesting exploring different places especially to Baba Charlie. With so many trips to Malacca, this is my first trip to their shop and it was an eye opener to me. It seems like converting the whole residential estate to a main central kitchen for their Nyonya Delicacies.

Baba Charlie
We made a few rounds in the vinicity before locating the elusive location of Baba Charlie. Perhaps the main reason is the small road to the place was rather narrow and we didnt know it was meant for a 2 way traffic. The route to Baba Charlie maybe a little bit tricky even using GPS.

Road Sign
Parking for Customers 
As soon as it opens, we went through the main door and observed the number of people rushing into Baba Charlie. I noticed a team of kitchen workers are still preparing the food. This is good as this tell us that food is freshly made. One of us was a little bit disappointed as Kuih Dadar was not available at the time of visit as they are still preparing it.

Look at its Menu


Open Kitchen Duties

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Preparing Ondeh Ondeh into boxes

Oh I See Mee Siam
As it seemed, everyone has its own dedicated duties and were well organised. Preparing curry, some cooking Ondeh Ondeh balls, some packing it into plastic boxes, some manning the shops and some at the cashier counter to receive payment.

I went into the inner shop and was astonished by the wide variety of Nyonya Snacks, from dumplings, Kueh Bahulu, Ang Gu Kueh to Kaya

Let's Buy

So many but hard to buy all
More Kuihs  Available

 And Chinese New Year Snacks were also available.

My friend is a fan of Ondeh Ondeh and I must admit, their box of Ondeh Ondeh was delicious. The skin was chewy and though it did not have much oozing effect of Gula Melaka bursting out (The portion of fillings and their skin is kind of proportionate.), I would say these are freshly made and fragrant with coconut as well as sesame seeds.

Ondeh Ondeh
Individual Ondeh
We also bought a box of 3 Ang Gu Kueh which contain Mung Beans. The taste was pretty ordinary and cannot be compared to the nice ones I had back in Singapore.

Ang Gu Kueh

A box of Assorted Kuih
There was no rainbow Kuih Lapis but a 3 tone (Red, pink and white) Lapis here.Layers were soft and not too sweet.

Kuih Lapis

Seri Muka Pandan
Besides having the cake shop, they do have their own cafe but we never visit it.  If you need Catering for buffet, they also offer such service but since we are not local, we can only enjoy take away to fix our Nyonya Kueh cravings. Perhaps if I have chance to come here, you may want to try your luck to come abit later after their opening hours to avoid disappointment that the food is not ready yet.

Baba Charlie Cafe

At the Main Gate

Rating: 3 / 5

Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih
Location: 72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2C, Malacca Town, 75200
Business Hours: Daily: 10.30am to 3.00pm
                             Closed Every Thursday

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