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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine

Finally, we had visited Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine before leaving Melaka. This is one of the popular Nyonya Food that have good feedbacks on the media. It is Halal and just as what was written by everyone, reservation in advance is needed. Being walk-in customers, we were only offered one of the outdoors tables out of the two, non-airconditioned but there was a ceiling fan.

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine
As we settled down on the outside seats, the servers were quick to service. Service was friendly and efficient when handling their menu as soon as we sat down.

We flipped through the menu and notice that there were only medium and large portions. As the dishes does not contain pork and lard, it is suitable for Muslim's consumption.

The crispy top hat with shredded turnip filling and served with chilli sauce. Glad that it was not too oily.

Pie Tee - RM 2.00 / Each

Lime Juice, Barli & Lime, Cincau - RM 2.00 Each
Was looking forward for a bowl of Duck Soup with Salted vegetable and sour plum but it was not available, thus we order their recommended Hee Peow Soup. It is noted as "Nyonya Wedding Soup" with dried fish bladder , quail eggs, fish ball and vegetable.

Hee Peow Soup - RM 25.00
The Nyonya style mixed vegetables was indeed tasty with carrots, black fungus and cabbages..

Chap Chye - RM 13.00 (Medium)
Ayam Pongteh is a classic chicken stew with soya bean paste, chinese mushroom and potatoes. The portion was generously served with couple of chicken drum sticks and delicious. I love its gravy and perfect to go on our plates of fragrant white rice.

Ayam Pongteh - RM 21.00 (Medium)
Amy's serving of rice was quite different from the rest of the Nyonya Shops we went in Melaka. Rice was kept in a traditional old hand held basket.

Rice - RM 1.50 / Pax
As the basket was quite big and space was rather limited at the outside seats, the servers placed the basket using another table.

Rice  in the basket
Our finisher for the Nyonya feast was non other than the MUST HAVE dessert, Cendol. The green jelly has a soft texture soaked in gula melaka and coconut milk.

Cendol - RM 3.00 
Amy Heritage indeed has a given a homely taste to all the dishes. Coming to its portion where minimum order is medium, its not recommended for small group to dine. In addition to things to take note, do make advance booking to avoid disappointment.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine
Location: 75, Jalan Melaka Raya 26, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia

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