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Friday, December 30, 2016

New Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Restaurant

With so many Hong Kong Street Tze Char Restaurant around, it almost had me confused and I realized that each of them operates differently, at least for the dishes that it specialized in. While I was walking down the eateries along Bukit Timah, I notice a few changes in the shop and New Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Restaurant looks something new to me. We took a look at the menu and was told their White Bee Hoon is similar the popular one from White Restaurant in Sembawang.

Buah Kedondong - $3.50
There are mini sides that you can order. The selection is good as it is ideal for little bites as well as people like me who are dining as a pair and cannot finish even the smallest available plate of side. Prawn Rolls were relatively average in taste, deep fried to golden brown and you will be given the sweet sauce for it.

Prawn Roll - $5
Quite an disappointment for their salted egg yolk sotong as it was a total lacklustre. Salted egg taste was not very prominent and quite bland. Luckily we order the small bites and portion was still fine with us.

Salted Egg Sotong - $6
If you are comparing this plate of white bee hoon to the popular one in Sembawang, its a far cry. We topped up the plate with seafood like Cray Fish and Lala at additional cost. To think that they told me this is their signature dish, I'm kind of disappointed. The Bee Hoon and its gravy totally lack the potent seafood taste.

White Bee Hoon (Medium) - $10
Freshness of the Crayfish was not as expected. As an overall, the dining experience was below my expectation and it will be kind of the first and last time to be there.

Slipper Lobster - $4 , Lala - $2

Rating: 2.5 / 5

New Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Restaurant
Location: 20 Cheong Chin Nam Road Singapore 599744

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