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Monday, January 23, 2017

Chin Choon Prawn Noodle [Moved]

Lately a colleague of mine had given me a new breakfast idea / choice in Upper Bukit Timah area when we were sharing about food findings in the district. I was told about the famous prawn noodle in the vicinity and usually it runs out quite fast in the morning. If you are familar with the area, its just along the stretch of shop houses where Ga-Hock Seafood is.

Coffee Shop
I experience the kind of human traffic as what my colleague had mentioned. The coffeeshop is fullhouse and there was constant flow of diners coming in for breakfast and parking along the side of the coffeeshop was packed.

We have ordered prawn noodles with pork intestine and pork meat. The prawn noodle soup was rather clear and tasted decent, light in flavour unlike the usual ones I had, they had the full loaded prawn taste.

Prawn with pork and intestine noodles - $6
Chin Soon Prawn Noodle has a different style in their prawn mee especially the soup where it was sweet in taste and wholesome.

Closer to the ingredients
Having tried its soup version, I also heard good comments on its dry version. Besides having prawn noodle in the coffeeshop, there are other option like duck noodles stall and Indian Muslim stall selling roti prata.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Chin Choon Prawn Noodle
Location: Chun Sheng Yuan Eating House, 826 Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore 678154

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