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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Delicious Fried Carrot Cake (日夜香菜头粿)

I have been out of the Redhill vicinity since I left my previous job but I'm still quite happy to see this carrot cake stall is still available after a few fail attempts visit over the years. Despite its long queue, I queue and stood there exactly 30 minutes before I have finally got myself a plate of  fried carrot cake. This stall had left me a deep impression as it was my first order for mix white and black fried carrot cake and also my first plate of carrot cake with beansprouts.

Delicious Fried Carrot Cake
The stall is run by a senior couple with frying of food mostly done by the male while his wife will usually take the order, beat the eggs and do preparation for the next orders.

With majority of them in the queue before me ordering the white version, I'm quite tempted to order a plate of it as the food looked crispy done up with lots of egg and attractive colors.

In the end, I still stick to the original plan, ordering the medium mix portion of carrot cake. Served with disposable plates and chopsticks, it's quite fuss free for the stall owners as they do not need to worry about running out of plates.

They promote a healthier version of Fried Carrot Cake not because you can ask them to decrease the amount of oil used but rather, they are using healthier old. The black and the white ones spelled a great difference. Though original pieces of kway were chunky, the white version had these pieces hold together with the eggs, no doubt I prefer black ones, I still find that the amount of eggs used here is generous and the chilli by the side give them a good combination of taste. While the black ones was not too oily and since sweet black sauce was used, you can taste the chunky and soft irregular shapes of Carrot Cake.

Fried Black and White Carrot Cake - $4 (Medium)

Looking at the Black Carrot Cake
If you are not prepared to wait in the queue, you may want to try out a good alternative in the same food Centre, Fu Ming Cooked Food for its fried carrot cake.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Delicious Fried Carrot Cake
Location:  Redhill Food Centre, #01-33, 85 Redhill Lane, 150085

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