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Sunday, August 28, 2016

En Sakaba

En Sakaba is a new shop front housed in JEM in recent months when the mall had expended more into their F&B. En Sakaba is located at the 1st floor, taking over MADO Cafe, just right beside Marche.

En Sakaba
Miso soup is never boring if you order Kani (Crab) Miso Shiru. The usual Soy Bean Paste soup is coupled with little tofu cubes and Queen crab, delighting your taste buds.

Kani Miso Shiru - $5
If you love Japanese rolled omelette, there is no reason why you won't fall for this! These 4 pieces of rolled omelette were prepared well with yellow consistency in colors and if you draw your eyes nearer to the food, you will see the uniform thickness of its layer, making up this yummy food. What's more, feel the cool temperature of these chilled Tamago, they will never go wrong dabbing with the seaweed sauce. Recommended!

Isobe Tamago Yaki - $5 (4 pcs)
Another recommended item on the menu that worth your calories would be these grilled braised black pork cheek on the rice served with Onsen egg. Basically, seasonings in the bowl played a good importance here. Food may not be fanciful as it seems, but the harmony of sweet grilled sauce and tender Kurobuta (Black Pork) was perfect

Kurobuta Niku No Hono Don - $18
Initially, I was quite disappointed as we did not order the recommended side, Beef Truffle Carpaccio, Nonetheless, I did also order a recommended Choice of the Foie Gras & Yakiniku. A strong wave of truffle hit me as the bowl was placed on my table. Just can't describe further how it kind of "lure" me into them but the egg was runny, cooler than other food items in the bowl. The thinly sliced premium beef was served using tataki method, where the meat were seared over hot flame and marinated well in its seasoning like soy sauce. The initial sight of it may be a turn off for someone who only takes medium well done beef like me but its really worth the try!

Foie Gras Yakiniku Onsen Tamago Don - $22
Menu is quite limited for its dishes but if you are there for Sake, their sake menu is considered extensive and this place can be a heaven. Anyway, being bored by those mainstream Japanese food in the malls, it was a good visit to En Sakaba, however as of now, I have not seen any noodle dishes on the menu yet.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

En Sakaba
Location: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-04, Singapore 608549

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