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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou 海鲜煮粥

Updated September 2021

Personally going down to Bukit Panjang for the umpteenth times all for a bowl of Ke Kou Mian but in agony as they were either closed or sold out. And finally, I went early in the morning and got a taste of the so called famous bowl of noodle among the Bukit Panjang Estate.

I still remember the first time that I was looking for the stall of Ke Kou Mian in the coffeeshop but had a hard time locating it as it was hidden behind the porridge sign board.

Well, since porridge are the main display of the signboard, we bought a bowl of Century Egg and lean meat porridge with egg which includes a handful of cut fried fritters (you tiao).

Century Egg Porridge with egg - $3

Consistency of porridge was even and texture was rather ordinary. Each spoonful of the porridge was loaded with ingredients. Though there was nothing much to rave about, it still have the very old school and home cooking taste if you are looking for one.

Ingredients in the porridge

I'm not a person who is keen on spicy food on an empty stomach especially breakfast but it seems that these words of mouth recommendation are irresistible. Spicy Ke Kou Mian with egg was not something out nor within expectation. Broth looked spicy but in fact it was not so.

Spicy Ke Kou Mian with egg - $3.50

What I like about was that the portion of noodle was generous and ingredients consisted of liver, minced meat as well as vegetables. Dish may look very simple and served in a small bowl but it was a pocket friendly meal.

A spoonful of Koka Noodle

With the city that never sleeps the night, this stall gives a very good alternative for supper if hunger pangs in the night. However, if you are going there for breakfast or lunch, be prepared to wait for about half an hour and as for lunch, be early as they usually close about 2pm.

Portion Updated on September 2021

Revisiting the stall for so many years and their dishes standard are still well maintained. We went there on a Saturday morning before 7am and got our orders quite fast before the morning crowd came in. If you will like to have something lighter, go for their porridge dishes.

Pork Porridge - $4

However, I still cannot stop ordering their signature Ke Kou Mian that is soaked in the flavourful broth.

Ke Kou Mian - $4


Ingredients like liver, egg and vegetables were included. What's more, the minced meat given was generous and well marinated. Totally worth the trip down early in the morning to skip the crowd.


Rating: 3.25 / 5

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou 海鲜煮粥 
Location: Blk 163 Gangsa Road Singapore 670163

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