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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Mr Ayam Penyet

The sudden crave for Ayam Penyet had led us to “MakanShiok” coffeeshop where a variety of Halal Food can be found and different from the main stream of stalls that we can find in the nearby Hawker Center. I came to know of this stall as one of my colleagues help us to Tabao during the CB (Circuit Breaker) period and I kind of recalled that it tasted above the average.

Stall in MakanShiok

Just like a standard set of Ayam Penyet, it comes with bowl of soup, rice, vegetables, tempeh, fried Tau Gua, cherry tomato and the delicious looking piece of chicken. The soup is flavourful, garnished with fried onions and goes well with the plate of Ayam Penyet.

Ayam Penyet - $5.50 (Drink not included)

Though the rice was not as good as I had thought ~ it was neither fragrant nor fluffy. However the chicken complemented the plain rice. If you like hot and spicy, you will enjoy their chili too.

Does the Chili look fiery?

Take a look at the glistering skin of the chicken thigh and its sauce, its quite tempting, isn't it?


Comparing Ayam Penyet in the vicinity, there are definitely better ones but if you are looking for non fried Ayam Penyet, this should be considered as one of the better ones around the area.

Rating:  3 / 5

Mr Ayam Penyet
Blk 49 Teban Gardens Road #01-583 Singapore, Singapore 600049

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