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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kinsa Sushi

Being a regular visitors of HillV2, Weekdays night there may seem quiet but when its nearing the weekends, you start to see some of the restaurants were pretty packed.

I'm rather surprise with a handful number of patrons waiting to queue at Kinsa Sushi as the place was full house. (It seems a good sign isn't it?)

Kinsa Sushi
Just because of the crowd, I could not get a better seat deeper into the Sushi place but I was sitting beside those glass panels near the entrances.

Ambiance was a classical Japanese eating place with wooden furnishing.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will never miss the Sushi Bar Counter which is operated by a sushi conveyor belt under an attractive lighting.

Sushi Bar Counter

Value for money option? I would recommend their Set Meal. I had chosen their Kinsa Zen Set A at $25.80 which consist of a trio of sushi and sashimi together with hot soba, chawanmushi as well as 2 slices of fruits.

Sashimi was rather fresh while chawanmushi was not too bad after all. I was rather surprise when i receive the soba in a bowl of hot soup with vegetables and their fish cake. The dish was straight forward and simple.

Kinsa Zen A Set - $25.80

Sashimi Sushi & Tamago

Katsu Don came in two variation, the Pork or the beef and we had the "Buta" (Pork) version. Style was pretty much similar to a Oyako Don dish just that the meat was deep fried version. Eggs, mushroom and yellow onions were part of it. They had used too little gravy which result that half the bottom part of rice were too plain to be eaten. It would be good if the amount of meat can be increased too.

Katsu Don (Pork) - $12.80
Standard for the whole Ika (Squid) was acceptable. However we find that it was abit overdone with the dry surface. The dish as a whole is best not to be eaten alone like this, perhaps with some rice.

Surume Ika Sugata Yaki - $11.80

Overall, the service was not too pleasing, there were extreme long waits between dishes which is not the usual speed of a restaurant practice in Singapore. Food wise, in terms of taste, standards and quality there were nothing much impressive.

Rating: 3 / 5

Kinsa Sushi
Location: Hill V2, 4 Hillview Rise #02-02 Singapore 667979

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