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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chic-A-Boo Fried Chicken [Closed]

Having passed by Chic-a-boo at HillV2 multiple times, I'm still quite skeptical about the taste and did not prioritize her in my "To Try" list. It was after hearing positive feedback from friends and colleagues about their pleasant experience then I had make some plans to visit them. Chic-a-Boo offers fresh tender chicken, set meals, bites and sides similar to the fast food joints we had in Singapore.

Environment is clean and spacious, with ample of seating around. They do not give me the typical fast food joint feel whereby advertisement of their food can be found everywhere in the restaurant. The place is suitable for families and large groups as they are equipped with round as well as long tables.

With self helping Kiosk near the entrance, this allow patrons to order their food and do their payment straight away.

Self Service Kiosk
However, if you still prefer ordering food with some human touch, you can proceed all the way into the restaurant and place your orders over the counter. Instead of being in the queue to wait for your order, they have a numbering system in place and will buzz off once its ready for collection.

Condiments like Tomato and Chilli sauces can be taken at the side of the counter.

Ordering Counter, collection Point and Station
Drinks that came with set meal
3 Piece Set Meal includes 3 pieces of chicken, 1 corn muffin, 1 drink and 2 sides of our choice. Corn muffin caught me by surprise, it wasn't the kind of biscuits served in Popeyes. It was warm, full of corn fragrant stuffed with corn kernels. Curly fries were rather standard and for onion rings, they were using those quality big cuts ones.

For the main attraction on the plate - fried chicken, there are 2 choices to choose from, Hot & Spicy or Crispy. Comparing to what we had KFC, Hot & Spicy will be KFC, Crispy edition whereas Crispy will be KFC's originals.

3 Piece Chicken Set - $9.50
The combination of 2 Piece Chicken Set is the same as the 3 Piece Meal just that there is 1 piece of chicken lesser.

2 Piece Chicken Set - $7.90
As compared to the Crispy version, Hot & Spicy elevates the urge in wanting a meal in Chic A Boo more. Despite being juicy and succulent which already win most of the fast food place hands down,  it has a little hot fiery kick in its golden batter crisp skin.

TCO salad was rather interesting and I guessed that the abbreviation should refer to Tomato, Cucumber and Onions. It has a zingy dressing that refreshed the taste-buds after a those fried flavours.

TCO Salad
Coleslaw on the other hand was not too bad too. Refreshing and not too creamy.

So what's the verdict? I'm on the same side as my pals who mentioned that their fried chicken was way better than KFC, with my trip down to Chic A Boo, I confirmed that there is no doubt about that. Using fresh tender chicken, there was no signs of frozen meat smell or taste which is actually my main concern on the chickens. Other than that, price of the meal is rather competitive too. Portions are big and you get to have two sides, really value for money!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Chic-A-Boo Fried Chicken
Location: Hill V2, 4 Hillview Rise #02-12 Singapore 667979

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