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Friday, May 22, 2015

Scrumptious at the Turf

After walking one round at The Grandstand we decided for unit #01-08 while viewing from the directory and headed towards Scrumptious at the Turf.

Environment was rather pleasant and not too much of people as it was after the official dinner hours. Looking at the nicely decorated blackboard at Scrumptious, All-Day Breakfast was being served.

Since we were rather late for dinner, we quickly made our orders with 2 mains and 1 side. It was not too soon when the service guy approached us that all chicken mains were sold out and he apologized for it mentioning it was a long day. He suggested that we could take the Pan Seared Dory as an alternative and I agreed.

All Day Breakfast
We waited for about half hour then our appetizer were served. The Spam Fries were nothing interesting, dull thick cut meats deep fried and place on a plain white plate. Texture was not too bad with some crisp on its external however, it would be perfect if they were harder in bite and not too big in size.

Spam Fries - $9
Observing the on goings throughout the wait, with one of the tables complaining their buffalo wings were not cooked, and we started to notice that something was very amiss and was pondering how much longer do we need to wait.

Unfortunately, the wait wasn't for us. To make things worst, one of us had to rush back immediately due to work commitment. We tried calling off the bill and initially we were rejected but shortly the In-Charge came over and agree upon as we emphasized we had really something urgent to attend to.

He repeatedly apologize for causing the blunders and even offered our fries free but in the end we left paying.

It's all about team work when it comes to operating the Cafe. Luckily the kitchen is kind of opened concept with the glass panels and we were able to view the happenings. There were only 4 staff on service during our time of visit about 9pm which I would say over the peak hours. Keeping in mind that the crowd wasn't too many, the speed of serving was indeed very slow. The body languages from the 2 chefs in the kitchen had shown the reluctance in their job even though the so called Team Lead had emphasized the upcoming orders countless time that even offered to prepare some of the ingredients from them. It's all about getting serious on the job and it showed how much efforts the chefs had put in by their unpleasant and ignorant attitude. From what we observed, the team lead was caught in the middle and no matter how many times the team lead tried hard to recover its service, apologizing to customers just doesn't help after all.  With so many bad reviews around, it would be at best the management could do something to clear its name.

Sigh what a night!

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Scrumptious at the Turf
Location: The Grandstand (200 Turf Club Rd.), #01-08, Singapore 287994

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