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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ming Kee

Finally I got the chance to try out Ming Kee's congee after a long wait! Ming Kee Porridge is one of the recommended food to have in West Coast Square however do ensure that you are there before 12 noon at least as porridge is always selling fast.

Ming Kee

It was such an lucky incident as for over 3 years of lunching in West Coast Square Hawker Centre, I have never seen them opened during my lunch hours. Even if they do so, they are either cleaning the stall or packing up for end business day.

This afternoon as I approached the stall, it was already half dimmed, a common scene where  hawkers indicating that they are closing. I had a strong sense telling me that food were out of stock again but there then I still saw 2 customers waiting for their food and I decided to ask if there are any more left.

Bingo! The lady told me that 1 bowl of congee is left and I ordered the pork with peanut congee. While waiting, I took a look into the stall and saw an industrial grade congee boiler with a stirring jig in the middle. It is no wonder the texture of the congee is so smooth and have such ood consistency.

Into the Stall

Yes as compared to other congee / porridge stall in the vicinity, Ming Kee is no doubt the best. Pork porridge came with balls of marinated minced meat and was so tasty. Condiments like fried fritters, shredded ginger , spring onions, pepper and sesame oil were all available at the counter.

Pork with Peanut Congee - $3
Since its end of the business day, the generous lady poured a wholesome amount of fritters onto my bowl. Porridge was really good but when can I have such luck again to try on others kinds of congee?

Pork & Peanuts
Century Egg with Meat - $3

Century Egg
Rating: 3.5 /5

Ming Kee
Location: 726 Clementi West Street 2 Singapore 120726

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