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Monday, May 25, 2015

Noodle Cafe

Learning about Noodle Cafe in Sim Lim Square, it was such a joy as it was a killing two birds in one stone occasion where I can get to enjoy the long missing Thai Boat Noodle and also get to visit the complex.

Due to recent increasing complaint cases from consumers in Sim Lim Square, I noticed that alot of shops had ceased their operations and the it was no longer the crazy bustling IT place I ever knew.

To get to Noodle Cafe, we have to walked at the perimeter of Sim Lim Square. The cafe was modernly furnished and bright with TV.

Let's take a look at their special Menu and the Must Try!

Must Try
If you have never been to Thailand for their boat noodles, ordering such dishes may be new to you but its achievable in just 5 simple steps -

Step 1: Choice of Beef or Pork
You can choose Fresh Beef/Pork with respective liver or balls. Or if you want to try all just tell them you want meat with livers and balls.

Step 2: Size?
We all know about the bite size portion of a bowl of noodles which literally get finished in just 1 mouthful. So if you really just want a try and nothing else, just go for their small size at $1.90 or if you want something filling, a bigger size at $5 won't go wrong. 

Step 3: Choose your noodles
Apart from having Bee hoon, diners get to choose, glass noodle, kuay tiao, mee kia or tung hoon.

Step 4: Your Taste!
There are 4 choices, you can order them dry or with soup like TomYum, clear soup or even their special Soup.

Step 5: Level of spice
It comes in 4 levels, non-spicy, less spicy, normal spicy and extra hot.

5 Steps to your order

Just like an usual Thai eating place, sugar, chilli oil, flakes and fish sauce were all readily placed on the table. Do help yourselves with the condiments!


We had chosen their Thai Milk tea over other beverages. Tea taste was not too strong and was overpowered by the taste of milk.

Thai Milk Tea - $1.80 Each

Having the big bowl of boat noodle in such permutation, mix pork with glass noodles and in their special soup with less spiciness. Glass noodles were soft and rather tasty with the sweet and clear soup.

Glass Noodle Special Soup - $5 (Big)
We opted for pork balls and lean meat. Having tried the authentic ones from Thailand a few months back, the standard from this bowl really varies. Pork balls were not that bouncy.

With Ingredients up
Never knew that such big kway teow exists in boat noodles, the dry version was topped with chopped vegetables (kang kong) and came with a separated bowl of soup which was opaque in color. The soup did taste a close resemblance to what I had in Thailand but still lacking of the meaty taste.

Kway Teow Dry with beef

Having boat noodles in singapore can never be compared with what we have eaten in Thailand for sure due to a higher living expense here. We got the luxury to enjoy an authentic mouthful of boat noodles at 10 Baht (less than $1) but over here in Singapore, its $1.90.

Ingredients on Kway Teow Dry

In terms of taste, they were quite close but still nothing in comparison to what we ever had. At least its good in the sense that we do not need to spend more money and time flying overseas to enjoy such thai cuisine.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Noodle Cafe
Location: Sim Lim Square 1 Rocher Canal Rd #01-06

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