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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mr Prata - The Best of Prata and Teh Tarik

Mr Prata came in as our surprise visit when their neighbour, Assembly Coffee was closed for the business day. It's been a good few years since I had visited Evans Road for meals, it had some changes for Hatched is no longer there.

Mr Prata
From my observations, Mr Prata has the best crowd among the stretch of restaurants / cafes perhaps the dishes they served meets the basics needs of the diners, budget and fuss free.

I would say there was vast difference seen from the menu as menu were no longer limited to Indian and Muslim Food, in fact they have ventured into Western Food Menu.

When it comes to the prata shop, drinking lassi is never forgotten in my list. I had their strawberry Lassi and it was all good, not so sweet while the dining partner had his Horlicks Dinosaur.

Strawberry Lassi & Horlicks Dinosaur - $3.50 & $3.60
Comparing to Prata, Naan will be a better choice as they are the healthier version with lesser oil intake. Naan Set Meal comes with the choice of Chicken, Mutton or beef and we had the chicken curry with a basket of Naan. Naan was soft and tasty on the go with the flavorful curry but not to die for.

Naan Set Meal - $6.50
Glossy looking exterior bread had been cut into 8 portions, served with ketchup and mayonnaise on a typical metal plate.

Chicken Roti John - $4.50
Opening up the Roti John and it seemed unappealing and a messy chunk but that's the way how Roti John supposed to be like. Chicken meat were mix together with onions and encased by the big piece of fried egg.

What's in the Roti John?
All these while, I had been ordering Mutton chop but never the chicken chop. The chicken chop was surprisingly good in its "merah" (red) gravy. The chicken was cut into chunks and generously coated with sweet savoury gravy in red. Chicken Chop meal was completed with sunny side up egg, fries, slices of cucumber and tomatoes.

Chicken Chop - $6
From what I recalled, food dishes from Mr Prata used to stand up from the rest of the Prata shops but it seems like the standards were no longer maintained but still they are still the pocket friendly version of food among the rest in Evans Road.

Rating: 3 / 5

Mr Prata
Location: 26 Evans Road Singapore 259367

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