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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sum Kee Food

I heard of a Cze Char place situated inside the Yeo's Building but I never had the chance to go there until one day when my pal suggested we should do our gathering there.

Yeo's Building

Yeo's Building is accessible and takes about 10 minutes walk from Telok Blangah Station on the Circle Line. The facade of Yeo's Building retained its traditional Chinese infrastructure and may give people the "ulu" conception, in fact as you entered the its compound it was not that bad afterall. At least you get to see an open space with modern buildings / condo development from a far sight.

Indoors dining was air conditioned, a simple dining area with a modern yet traditional decorations, yes a contrast somehow and diners get to enjoy the TV programs aired. Whereas, though I'm pretty drawn to their alfresco dining with a beer garden like outdoor dining, I was held back by the thought of mosquito bites.

Alfresco Dining

Pathway to parking lots
Menu was extensive with more than 130 items on list. If you are taking long time to order, try getting help from their assistant or look around with recommendations for the day, e.g. their signboards.

A playful name given to the dish indeed. Perhaps it derives from the Chinese name of the Ultraman "咸蛋超人" which also means salted egg. The dish was basically made up of popcorn chicken coated with salted egg yolk. Chicken was tender and every piece of it was lip smacking. This recommended dish just never go wrong.

Ultraman Chicken - $18 (Medium)
The Homemade egg Tofu dish maybe just another common dish stated on a Cze Char Menu deep fried golden brown with a crisp coating but was soften by the yummy braised sauce with minced meat and mushroom slices. It's silky on the inside, a very good combination if you are having white rice that costs $0.80 per bowl.

Golden Nugget Tofu - $15 (Medium)
Size of the prawn was great showered with crispy aromatic cereals. However after removing its shell, though the prawns were plum, it tasted rather plain, the level of fragrance was not there. It lack the kind of oomph  and I just stop at one prawn.

Cereal Prawns - $30 (Small)

Served over the mini wok with all the luxurious items which consists of mushrooms, broccoli, scallops, cuttlefish, fish maw, carrot, snow peas, fish slices etc. Ingredients were all awesome as they seem.

Yi Ping Woh - $33 (Medium)

There's only one size of Curry Fish Head on its menu. The claypot was heated over the burning candle keeping its warm and at its best consumption stage. Decent and came with a light pleasant lemak curry flavour which stimulated the senses. Additional $2 was given for the additional Tau Pok. Fish meat was smooth and freshness quality is not a concern over here.

Curry Fish Head - $25 + $2
Hei Cho, a typical chinese snack or side dish that goes addictive with the sweet sauce. Pieces of Hei Cho was pack full of ingredients without being too stingy.  It was all crispy on the outside in its deep fried brown color. Recommended.

Hei Cho - $15 (Medium)

Hei Cho Fillings
Sum Kee Food is perhaps one of the best Cze Char place in Singapore suitable for family. Prices of dishes were reasonable without being too much on your wallet. Service of Sum Kee was quick and efficient by their friendly staff.

Altogether, we spent about $150 (including GST) for 4 Pax which also include beverages.

Do remember to get your tables reserved on the weekends especially to avoid disappointment.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Sum Kee Food
Location: Yeo's Building, 2 Telok Blangah St 31 Singapore 108942

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