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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Lion City Claypot Frog Porridge 狮城田鸡粥

With the recent relaxing of Covid rules, Geylang starts to gain back its life again, especially the eateries in the area that was struggling throughout the pandemic period. My initial intention to Geylang was to patronise some Taiwanese Snacks Eateries but only to realize that the shop had closed down for good. 

While along the walk to the intended place, the aroma of the fried oysters caught my appetite. 

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge

Since it was sharing the same coffee shop as the popular Lion City Claypot Frog Porridge, we took the chance to have that for a meal. After browsing through my article, I realised that my last visit to the place was about 7 years back ~ that was a long time ago.

The Coffee Shop

I took the opportunity to order some "starters" while waiting for our "Main Course". 

Fried Oyster - $5 

The Fried Oyster has a good ratio of starchy portion to charred areas. What I love about that was that it was loaded with Chinese parsley that enhances the taste. 

A piece of Fried Oyster Egg

Dipping these oysters into the chilli help to cover up some of the seafood smell and that actually goes well with everything.

Fried Oyster

After ordering the porridge, we placed the number tag on our table so that its visible to the server to get our orders to our table.

For the Servers

Simply love the consistency of their porridge, smooth and creamy, loaded with lots of chopped spring onions.

Claypot Porridge - $3

The sweet black sauce with spring onion and ginger slices is actually my all-time favourite.  If you prefer to have some spicy flavours for the frog leg, you may want to order their Dry Chilli Frog Leg instead.

Ginger Spring Onion Frog Leg - $23

The meat is fresh and tender. The bite on the meat was definitely springy and the sweet sauce coating in its condiments were yummy.

Frog Leg Meat

Even without the frog leg, I can solely have the porridge with the ginger spring onion sauce for a meal.

My Individual Serving

With a few reputable competitors around, I still find that the Lion City Claypot Frog Porridge at Geylang Lorong 9 still serve deserves my visit all this while. The service still remain as efficient with food served in an orderly manner.

Posted on 18th April 2015

Talking about the food in Geylang Lorong 9, it is obviously known for its Beef Kway Teow and Frog Porridge which are just located opposite each other separated by a road. If you are preparing to have both for dinner, do not worry about making two trips as whatever you ordered from the Beef Kway Teow territory can be served to the Frog Porridge territory and vice versa.

Having Frog Porridge from Lion City Claypot is top of my choice whenever I think of having such porridge, however if you are driving there it may be a little challenging as parking lots are limited.

Geylang Lorong 9
Fried Oysters can be ordered too if you like. For those who do may feel hungry after the frog porridge, it is recommended to order their Beef Kway Teow over the plate of Oysters.

Oyster - $5

As a fried oyster lover, I find that this dish was rather average, nothing much to rave about.

Close up

Lion City Claypot is rather popular and finally after about 30 minutes of waiting, our dinner is here. Slices of ginger were added with cut spring onions were added in reduce the smell.

The meat was tender and for those who have not tried before, it texture was similar to chicken but on a delicate side.

Ginger and Spring Onion Frog - $22

Close up

Porridge was thick and gooey, topped with chopped fresh green onions and this pot of cantonese style plain porridge was at its best consumption when you scoop some fragrant gravy from the frog leg claypot. As they are placed in the scalding hot claypot, do remember to be careful during handling.

Plain Porridge - $4 (Large)

Out of the few Frog Porridge places in Geylang, the crowd of Lion City best explains its popularity and the standard of food. However, as compared to my previous visits, they have not been maintaining the standards.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Lion City Claypot Frog Porridge
Location: 235 Geylang Road Singapore 389294

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