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Friday, July 29, 2022

Chef Minh Vietnamese Pho

While we observed the expansion of the Vietnamese community in our surroundings, it is no doubt that we get to enjoy more of their cultural food from the food stalls too. Nowadays, having Banh Mi and Vietnamese Pho stalls around is pretty common.

Chef Minh Vietnamese Pho was recently shown in the media as this stall was opened by a Vietnamese Chef from Five-Star Hotel. The news was viral and throughout the opening of this renovated coffee shop, there is always a long queue lined up in from of his stall.

Stall of Chef Minh Vietnamese Pho

The Summer Rolls get sold out quickly and I was lucky to have them during my 5th visit to the bustling coffee shop. (Yeah, keep on trying.) In fact, this dish is my essential order whenever it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. The rolls were wrapped in translucent rice paper with prawns, pork belly, vermicelli, fresh lettuce and cucumber strips. These appetizers can just never be completed without dipping into the classic hoisin peanut sauce that brings out the umami flavours.

Summer Roll (2 Pcs) - $4

The Signature Pho Beef Combo has a bit of everything in the bowl. It has honeycomb tripe, beef slices, shank, handmade beef balls and tendon soaked in the tasty beef broth with the rice noodles (pho).

Signature Pho Beef Combo - $6.50

The broth has hints of sweetness from the meat as well as the yellow onions coupled with some herbs from the Thai Basil. The light and refreshing taste of the broth is simply refreshing especially when you squeeze the lime in it.

A better view of the ingredients in the Signature Pho Beef Combo

If you prefer just to enjoy the beef slices, it will be best to go for their Pho Beef Shank. The bowl of thin rice noodles is hearty and rich in flavours too.

Pho Beef Shank - $6 

Slices of beef shank were thinly sliced like the Japanese Shabu Shabu. This made it extremely easy to eat. The skill in cooking had brought out not only the tenderness but also the flavours in the beef.

Slices of Bee Shank

If you prefer something springy with your bowl of soupy thin noodles, why not consider their Pho with Handmade Beef Balls? The textural bite with the broth is not bad too.

Pho Handmade Beef Balls - $5.50

Chef Minh has put in a good effort to make these bowls of Vietnamese Pho affordable in the heartlands. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Chef Minh Vietnamese Pho
279 Bukit Batok East Ave 3, Singapore 650279

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