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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cheng Ji Lu Ya Fan. Mian. Zhou 成記滷鴨飯。面。粥

Spotted this duck rice stall awhile ago during the Chinese New Year Period and wanted to give it a try but the queue was way too long but that did not deter me from striking them out of my To Eat list.

 Cheng Ji Lu Ya Fan. Mian. Zhou
I went there again on a separate occassion for lunch and was considered quite lucky as there was not much queue.

The arrangement and display of Cheng Ji's duck meat on their stall was somehow different from others I felt. It was neater and things are classified in bowls instead of the metallic trays filled with braised gravy.

Though price of the Kway Teow was relatively cheap as compared to the market pricing. I find that the amount of braised duck given was miserable. The soup was tasty with a decent herb fragrant. What sums up the simple meal was its beansprouts, coriander leave and fried onion oil.

Duck Noodle / Kway Teow - $2.50
The Duck Rice Meal did a little bit better in its portion with more duck meat, Tau Gua and half a braised egg. However each piece of meat was still quite miserable on the plate I felt with gravy drench over them. Nevertheless if you are looking for something just to fill your stomach, they are quite decent.

Duck Rice Set Meal - $3
Rating: 3 / 5

Cheng Ji Lu Ya Fan. Mian. Zhou
Location: Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3, #01-46 Singapore 120448

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