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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mama Shop

I guess we all heard a fair bit about the Mama Shop in Pearl Hills Terrace. It not those Mama Shop or rather convenience stall under the HDB flats that we are referring to but rather this retro theme eatery is owned by our MediaCorp Actresses Sora Ma and Felicia Chin.

Mama Shop
The place is located in a seluded area up the hill taking over a small area of the heritage building which was previously our old police force headquarters. It's considered a hidden place as there are not obvious signage that leads you up to the place even if you are driving, not mentioning those who travel by foot. For those who are travelling by foot, you can take up the steep sheltered flight up from People Park Food Centre.

Entrance from Parking Lot
The opened space in front of Mama Shop reminded me of a deserted school area where crime scenes often take place like what we saw in the TV programs.

Open Area
Mama Shop is a definite place for those who wants to have a good relaxing time traveling back into the 80s, reminiscing the childhood days. To me the place was a simple set up with a handful of my childhood items with toys like pick up sticks, Styrofoam aeroplanes etc.

We were given a "big exercise book" with the title "Mama Menu Book" to read. The assistant gave us a warmth feeling and began switching on the big fan to cool down as it was a hot sunny day.

Menu Book

To beat the heat, I have a regular cup of Green Bean Slush featuring Green Bean ice blended with milk topped with a scoop of green bean.

Green Bean Slush - $3.90 Regular
 While my dining partner ordered the Red Bean Slush with red bean ice blended with gula melaka and coconut milk. Both Slush tasted as good in the hot weather.

Red Bean Slush - $3.90 (Regular)
Luncheon Fries was presented in cut luncheon contained in the canned Pork Luncheon Meat with grease paper and to be pair with some sauce. The luncheon fries were kind of over fried as it was quit hard to bite down. We would prefer something softer than that. Nevertheless, we still finished the whole tin of it.

Luncheon Fries - $8
 Messy Messy Nice Nice Mama Burger. what a name! Food items were actually dished out on a tray over the grease paper. The burger came with juicy and succulent New Zealand beef patty topped with melted Gouda Cheese and Caramelized onion mushrooms.

Messy Messy Nice Nice Mama Burger - $10.90
The burgers had butter spreaded and heated up with grilled lines. Sides added were some old school crackers. Yummy! Do note that the kitchen requires 10 minutes of preparation time for this.

Burger at a closer shot

 And here's a shot on its cross section, so how messy will you rate it?

Cross Section of the Burger
The lobster burger is perhaps what I'm there for! The canadian chillled lobster chunks and prawns in wasabi mayo sauce was sandwich in between the buns with tomatoes and lettuce.

Happy Peppy Lobster Burger - $16.90

 This is one of the Mama's recommended dish its in menu.

Lobster Burger

The experience I had was something I would appreciate especially on their efforts on the part reminding us on the childhood which made us feel nostalgic. In addition, the atmosphere was also enhanced by music played from the turntable. Though the place may be a little hard to find, it's totally worth a visit if you are seeking somewhere laidback.

 Rating: 3.5 / 5

The Mama Shop
Location: Old Police Operational Headquarters, 195 Pearl Hill Terrace Singapore 168976

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