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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bangkok Day 3 - New Year

Had a good sleep over a year. It's 2015 and we were all ready for the cooking class. We were both excited and happy for the new travel experience as this was the first time we are attending classes overseas during a vacation.

We took BTS to our meeting venue, Chong Nonsi, and we were rather early. We decided to explore Dean and Deluca which is just opposite the BTS station as we were on an empty stomach.

With construction structures covering the building facade, we did not know that Dean & Deluca is there.

Dean & Deluca
Dean & Deluca was grand to me, high class and I thought it was some hotel place if I did not take a second look at its signage.

Dean and Deluca
 We were rather surprised to see the wide range of dairy products through the huge refrigerators.

Dairy Products
 We ordered our breakfast and our eyes were all onto their chillers.


After being mesmerized by the aromatic brews of the coffee and the buttery smell from the oven, we went deeper in the cafe. There was a dedicated area for dining with tables and chairs.

Dining Area
Bread was toasted and served shortly with ham and cheese. Toast was thick and was medium hard.

We had a cup of long black to complement the bread.

Long Black

Bread Making
Directly after breakfast, we continued our itinerary on our cooking class. Click on Silom Thai Cooking School for more information.

We headed to chinatown and it was quite a disappointment as most of the shops were closed for the new year. ( After so many encounters, I sweared I'm not going back to Bangkok during New Year anymore)

Though it was Public Holiday, there were still little crowds at some parts of Chinatown. 

We happened to walked pass the Roasted Duck Shop and I was kind of amazed by the stages on preparing the ducks. There were simply no secret on how the Thai prepared the Duck. Each of the hanging duck had to go through the inflation process whereby the man will pump the air into its stomach and make it bloated.
Inflation of Duck
Thereafter, he would give these duck an orange "body wash" by dipping them into a pot of coloring and then drench them all over with it.

Colored ducks

Have a closer look here on the video.

You will never miss their Watt (Temple in Thai) when you are in Thailand.  There were too many Temples and I did not really remember the names.

Since it was a holiday, temples are even more crowded, everywhere.



Crowds and Crowds

The road sides peddlers save my day with the refreshing coconut drink.

Coconut Drinks


After the temple visits, we went back to the main streets where crowd was.

Chinatown Street

It would not be called Chinatown if these preserved food are missing.

Preserved Food

Where peddlers unit

Upon seeing little stalls at one of the streets, I hesitated a while before I headed on to order some desserts. Well, I'm finally taking some street food.

Dessert Stall
Although there was a menu, we still come to conclusion to order by pointing on the picture.Upon ordering, we heard that they were actually conversing in Teochew Language.

Though the language and accent may be of a little different but I still manage to grab a few sentences of what they were saying.

The dessert was simple and great under the sunny weather even though I had totally no idea what was it. It tasted like our "Cheng Tng" but had a handful of ingredients. It was filled with brown syrup, grass jelly, sea coconut, barley, jelly, lotus seeds etc. 

Cold Assorted Bean - 40
There was so many stalls that I wished that I can try but I'm still quite full after the cooking class.

Road side stalls

Besides seeing the common coconut drinks as chiller, freshly squeezed Promegranate juices is quite common in Chinatown too.

Simplicity is the best
Look at the little red bottle of juices, they were squashed manually painstakingly by the peddlers squashing the seeds using the conventional squeezing machine.

Pomegranate Juice
Promenganade Juice - 50 Baht Each

Street Snacks

Fried Chicken
And we saw T&K Seafood, one of the recommended Dinner place in the forums. As it was noon time, business had not started but staff were seen busying preparing.

T&K Seafood
One of the must try in Bangkok will be their Bird's Nest and Sharkfin. With so many bird nest and sharkfin restaurants in Chinatown, it's hard to choose where to dine. We visited Burapa Bird Nest and pampered ourselves with the goodies.

Burapa Bird's Nest

Ping's Shark Fin
After our trip at Chinatown, we decided to look for some health massage and headed to Health Land.

Health Land
I was quite surprised to see that the Spa or Massage palour had a huge building on its on.

Health Land
As we entered Health Land, the aroma smell gushes into our nose and instantly we felt relax, magically, with aroma therapy. I headed to the counter and check if there were any time slot for massage and there was none. :( Not even any slot throughout our stay in Bangkok! We were rather disappointed and was advised to make reservation next round.

Waiting Area
The environment was relaxing even with some afternoon sun shinning into the waiting area. We made ourselves home and laid on the comfortable sofa chairs and rested under the cooling air conditioned area.

Part of the Wellness Centre
During out stay there, we even visited its toilet. Everything in there was great and I guess this is perhaps one of the reasons why so many Singaporeans are there and the good business.

Despite the disappointment in Health Land, we did not give up and continue our search for massage therapists but after walking streets after streets, the mssage and spas places were all fully booked.

We headed back to Terminal 21 Basement and did some stock up for our fridge and sovenirs.

There were a number of eateries / snack bars and see their range of Gelato in this chiller?

Luk Chup is my favourite Thai Dessert. I'm simply drawn to these miniature fruits and vegetables filled with Mung Beans.

Luk Chup

Their taste is sweet, their smell is fragrant, and their appearance is attractive and colourful. It seems like such desserts are getting harder to find nowadays.

Fruits and Vegetables Miniature

Here comes to dinner time! We were at Sukhumvit Soi 38 Night Market for street food again! This BBQ stall was the first stall that we visited since it was near the entrance of the Night Market.

BBQ Meat.


Look the the BBQ items


We had Wanton Noodles as Dinner and Mango Sticky Rice as desserts from Ning's Mango Stand.

Wanton Noodles

Ning's Mango Stand

Selling Crepes

And after dinner, we have a packet of Bell Apples. They were crunchy and Juicy. Munch Munch.

Fruits and Juice - 70 Baht

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