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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Big Fat Fishball Mee

Since I have never been to Kallang Estate Fresh Market & Food Centre, its was relatively new to me. The Food Centre is rather small with less than 20 stalls forming in a "U-Shaped". At a glance, all stalls was rather quiet except for Big Fat Fisball Mee which has continuous queue lined up. I was sold off by the crowd and gave no second thought in joining the queue.

Big Fat Fishball Mee

Fatty Meal's ingredients best suits the term given to the dish - "Fatty".  It's hard to find a bowl of fishball mee with such combination - Ngoh Hiong, fried dumpling, fishcake, fishball, minced meat, braised mushroom, liver and minced meat. Ironically, the amount of ingredients were not as much as expected and the noodles were clustered together, thus there were a slight disappointment looking at the time we had spent in queuing.

Fatty Meal - $4

 At the first look of the Teochew Minced Meat Noodle, it just could not do any justice to my expectations. It was ordinary and at the point of tasting, I found that I had expected too much. 

Teochew Minced Meat Noodle - $3

We wanted to ordered some dumplings soup but they were sold out. Therefore we ordered sides like Ngoh Hiong. Crispy at its brown exterior, they tasted average, just like those sold off the shelves.

Ngoh Hiong - $0.60 Each

Though the small size fish-balls were bouncy, I still have no idea why the long queue.

Rating: 3 / 5

Big Fat Fishball Mee
Location: Kallang Estate Fresh Market & Food Centre, 17 Old Airport Road, #14 Singapore 397972

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