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Monday, March 16, 2015

Milk & Honey Cafe [Closed]

Lately the "Honey" craze had been bugging me and it makes me all over confused with the business name like "Honeycomb",  "Milk & Honey", "Honeycreme" etc.

Having spotted Milk & Honey in Home Team NS Bukit Batok, we decided to check it out their Gelato after our meals.

Milk & Honey offers artisanal homemade Gelato, freshly brew coffee as well as crispy waffles. What's interesting about the shop in Home Team was that kitchen concept was rather open and you can see what's going on at the walkways.

Milk and Honey
Environment was modern industrial team with concrete flooring and metallic tables. Patrons can leave their sticky notes hanging on the grills that was mounted perpendicular to the wall.

Dining Environment
Even though it was weekends, the cafe was rather empty, not even with students studying in the area. However, the atmosphere was spice up by the background music played by the cafe.


Interesting name from the Gelato! We have the "Konni Tea Wa" scooped over the Shy Green Nut. The word "tea" and its bright green color had given hints that it was actually made of matcha tea but as the description writes "Its not your usual matcha Ice Cream". 

As for the Shy Green Nut, it was made up of pistachio, Belgium bittersweet chocolate bits, an enhanced version from a usual chocolate chip ice cream to me. 

The ice creams were very creamy and on the sweet side which lead me to thirstiness after few mouthful of it.

Shy Green Nut and Kooniteawa  - $9.50

As an overview and comparing them to the usual ice cream cafe, I'm quite concern about its pricing from a consumer point of view as they were a tad expensive. If you know the area well, there is a pocket friendly Ice Cream Shop (Beans & Creams) in just a few bus stops away. However if you want better options like light meals and Ice Cream, Milk & Honey Cafe is still the better option between these two.

Rating: 3 / 5

Milk & Honey Cafe
Location: Bukit Batok HomeTeamNS Clubhouse, 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7 #01-01/02/03 Singapore 659003

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