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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ah Huat Cafe

Upon hearing there was a revamp in Bukit Batok Home Team NS, we marked it as one of the places to visit. There was a food places in Home Team NS, namely Ah Huat Cafe,KFC, Saizerya, Milk & Honey Etc and they are still expanding.

Ah Huat Cafe

Ah Huat Menu

 At this point of time, I guess Ah Huat needs no introduction as most of us has a fair bit of memories from Ah Huat's TV advertisement and its iconic grandpa mascot. From sachets of Ah Huat's White Coffee, its quite obvious they have ventured their business a step further into casual dining just like Old Town White Coffee and Owl Cafe.

Macaroni Chicken has a subtle sweetness in its broth and was rather decent. Macaroni were cooked to my ideal texture and softness. It's best to have a bowl of it on a cold day, warming the stomach.

Macaroni Chicken - $5.50

Close up on Macaroni Chicken
My dining partner tried out its Curry Chicken and it was quite "lemak". Curry was thick but still bringing the flavors out from all curry spices. Chicken and potatoes were surprisingly softer than our ususal expectations.

Curry Chicken Rice - $6.90
Tender Chicken
Though famous for their coffee, we did not have their staple white coffee and instead we order the Ice Kopi C. Pretty Average!
Ice Kopi C - $2.50
Environment was brightly lighted by down lights and we were all seen sweating after the meal even on a cool day.
Rating: 3 / 5

Ah Huat Cafe
Location: Home Team NS, 2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7 Singapore 659003

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