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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Disgruntled Chef

The disgruntled Chef has its own block down the hill and is looking a quiet and relaxing place to dine in with soothing music playing in the background. Owned by award-winning Singaporean chef Daniel Sia, The Disgruntled Chef is a restaurant and bar that serves mouth-watering Modern European cuisine. If not for the points accumulated in our Telco plans, we would not have discovered such enjoyable dining experience in the wild.

The Disgruntled Chef

As we did a last minute reservation, we only get the outdoor seats.

Outdoor Seatings
The staff had prepared mosquito coils at corners on the outdoor dining area. Even with the presence of such deterrence, I was still heavily attacked by the mosquitoes. But one point to note that the duty staff was indeed very attentive to our needs and I would like to compliment her for her on the ball service.

Mosquito Coils for Outdoor Seating

Tilley lamp was placed on our table but instead of the old fashioned way of getting light from the lamp, candle was used. I just cant imagine how romantic if the sky turns darker in the night.

Candle Light
As we are not taking any of the cocktails which are alchol in content, the assistant had recommended that we could try out their mocktails. Even though the drinks on the menu was limited, she further explained that their bar is very big and they can provide customized drinks based on our preferred tables which somehow enlightened us.

We have a fruity flavoured mocktail with lychee bits below the rocks and a stick of grapes.  Pandan leave was included on the drink too. I'm totally satisfied.

Sweet Mocktail - $12
I was asking for something refreshing and it came out that I have orange with seeds of the passion fruit among the lime leaves. That was what I really wanted, refreshing and surprising. 

Refreshing Mocktail - $12
A fusion of Japanese flavours into the western's. The Scallop was thinly sliced and seared to its perfection coated by sweet soy brown butter paired with Ikura, Kobu and Lime. It was light on the palate and a brillant small plate to start with!

Seared Scallop Carpaccio - $18
With the vouchers, we are entitled 1 for 1 main and we had the grilled seabass. It was a juvenile fish roasted to its perfection, rubbed with  tapenade on its body. The dish was paired with artichokes, sweet cherry tomatoes and garlic puree sauce.

Grilled Seabass - $38
As a fish lover, Im very pleased to have tasted such a dish.

Another Angle for grilled seabass
Oven Baked Miso Cod was recommended by the lady who served us.  The dish was perfect with Cod slightly burnt in the exterior yet retaining the smooth and moisturized fleash, coupled with a bed of chopped spinach, braised shimeji and topped off with Olive Vegetables.

Oven Baked Miso Cod - $38
Ah... This is way too tempting!

Another view of Oven Baked Miso Cod

Even though the chefs are disgruntled, the food were served at their best quality and skills. Now I begin to wonder how's the standard of food if they were not disgruntled. Ha!

I would said what you paid for is what you will be getting.  I recommend this place best for romantic dinner and for celebrations.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

The Disgruntled Chef
Location: 26B Dempsey Road Singapore 247693

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