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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little Diner

I did an reservation via chope for our dinner to celebrate one of our pals birthday in September. Reservation was as easy as ABC with the reservation portion as confirmation was given just within minutes. Little Diner is just along Bukit Timah Road at unit Seven Eight Nine (what a rhyme),serving hearty food, homemade with love.

Little Diner
Interior was industrial themed, cemented flooring and flush with grey concrete walls and chalk writings on the board. awesome service from the staff. They were friendly and attentive to the diners' need.
Menus were all well kept by the assistants in the crate near the entrance. An unusual sight, I thought but one thing I like about it is that it is very accessible as our tables are located just beside the crate.

Where are the menus

Cream thickness of the wild mushroom soup was perfect, coupled with fine chunks of blended mushroom within, fiinished with Truffle Oil and Garlic Croutons. Pepper were then added on the spot by the assistant with their pepper grinder.

Wild Mushroom Soup - $9.50
Having the
Roasted Tomato Soup (Soup of the day)
Are you up for a challenge? If we you are able to finish the entire plate, burger, fries and all in 20 minutes, the burger is free.

Empire Burger is a dish good for 3 to 4 pax or 1 extremely hunger person? It consists of 3 Beef Patties, multiple slices of Bacon, Swiss & Cheddar cheese, fried egg, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato.

Empire Burger - $50
The done-ness of the patties were done base on our selections. Just looked at the cheesy substances and the tantalizing thick patties with some bacons revealed. I bet you cant hold your appetite any longer.

Looking through the food applications on the phone, we decided to order the crabcakes based on good reviews and recommendations. These golden brown crabcakes pillow were about 3cm in diamter, light and fluffy accompanied by a chipotle Aioli.

Lafayetter Crabcakes - $12 (2 Pcs)
By nature, these crabcakes did have their crustacean taste, together with the fantastic sauce and lemon juice squeeze over them, it makes them a refreshing treat before our empire burgers were served onto the tables.
Lafayetter Crabcake
Last but not least, the empire meal comes with a dessert.Just like all of their menu, all desserts were made in-house.Torn between the banana & nutella quesadilla and apple crumble, we finally came into a decision with the latter. Luckily it is not too sweet for me and this will definite hit right on the spot on all desserts lover.

Old Fashioned apple crumble with vanilla ice -cream - $9
All in all, service was impeccable. Perhaps the only feedback we had was that the done-ness of the beef patty was way above what we had actually ordered, losing out its succulency. Other than that, it was a good place to dine and relax.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Little Diner
Location: 789 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269763

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