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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hays Dairies

It will be nice to visit Singapore's Goat Farm which is opened to the public. There is no admission fee required.

Families and individuals of a group less than 20 people can visit the farm anytime between 9am to 4pm. However for big group tours, please do a  prior bookings in advanced.

The milking session are performed daily from 9am - 11am and visitors can view the "live performance" on the elevated platform in Hays Dairies. 

Helpers on the job
Milking session is done in batches about 10 goats at a time in an enclosed area. Firstly, the skilled helpers will clean the area around the tip and then squeeze some milk out with their bare hands into a bucket.

Fixing the tools for Milking
When ready, they will have the equipment fit into the tips in preparation to vaccum out their milk.

While milking, the goats will be feeding on their food which was laid in front of them.

Input and Output
Unfortunately, due to AVA regulation, visitors are not allowed to touch or feed the goats.

Milking Time

Goat Milk is available for purchase at the farm. There are only 2 flavours, Original and Chocolate and they come in 2 sizes, 200ml and 800ml at $2 and $7 respectively. However the latter is not available for the chocolate flavour.

Not to worry about it turning bad under the sun, you can get a cooler box FREE when you have purchased a minimum of five 200-ml bottles (small box) or four 800ml bottles (big box).

For returning customers, get a 200-ml bottle of milk FREE when you re-use your cooler box together with a minimum purchase of 2400-ml of milk.

Hays Dairy
Location: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, 718859

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