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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Formosa Delights

Formosa Delights is located at the Basement 1 of West Coast Plaza Tuck at one corner near to the entrance of the mall, serving Taiwanese delights and known for its fresh and affordable home made noodles in the area. The furnishing and theme of the restaurant are more towards white color based with interesting orange lights shone down by the beautiful caged lamps, creating a cosy environment for diners.

Cosy Environment

Tables for groups

Known for their hand made noodles, there is no reason why we should skip the recommended dishes.
To make the meal more attractive for weight watchers, Formosa Delights had introduced the wholemeal noodle goodness where they were high in fiber, with low fat and GI. Therefore, one do not have to worry about the additional intake of carbs especially when formosa is quite generous on their portion.

Wholemeal goodness
A usual bowl of hot Ban Mian will come with golden fried ikan bills as well as onions with a few pieces of leafy greens.

Ban Mian
Their noodles came in flavourful soup with notable big chunks of minced meat and egg. These hand-pulled noodles are delicate and tastes as good as those freshly hand-pulled noodles.A closer look into the noodles and you will notice the "spots" on the strands of noodles which differentiate the wholemeal from the non-wholemeals noodles.

Wholemeal Noodle - $6
 The Guo Tie (fried dumplings) was cripsy at the exterior and looked different from the ones we had usually as the fillings was not fully wrapped up. Instead, it was simply made with a half fold of the dumpling skin. Overall it is juicy and had gained great popularity among the diners.

Fried Dumpling
 Another side dish that you may want to try will be its red bean pancake.Flat cripsy exterior with semi sweetened red bean paste overflowed at its side looked yummy.

Redbean Pancake
They are one of the better ones in Clementi and West Coast area who serves a delightful bowl of handmade noodle complimented with their special home made broth. Well, if you know of better ones around this area, why not share it here?

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Formosa Delights
West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road #B1-53 Singapore 127371

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